Food Truck Monday #3: Vij's Railway Express

On the third week of Food Truck Mondays, Andy and I went to the new food truck operated by a popular restaurant: Vij's Railway Express.  Vij's is one of the most famous restaurants in Vancouver and is nationally recognized.  Sadly, I have never been, but I have been to its sister (and cheaper) restaurant, Rangoli's.

Vij's Railway Express is located on Georgia, in between Burrard and Thurlow, and in front of Coast Capital Savings.  The menu is supposed to vary daily, with the menu listed on a television. They're fancy like that.

This is yet again another fairly large operation for a food truck, similar to Mom's Grilled Cheese.  This one a bit more formal though and all the chefs inside were wearing proper garb.

Andy ordered the Kashmiri Chai ($3.50), which he found to be too sweet.

He also ordered the Lucknow lamb kebabs, spicy lamb kebabs on chapati ($9), which was actually in a wrap.  I tried a small bite and liked it, though it was quite oily.  I'm not sure how it would feel to eat a few pieces of this though. Check out his blog for a more detailed description of the tea and what he ate!

After much contemplation, I ended up getting the garam masala beef curry ($8.50), which came with basmati rice and naan. All the meal options are packed neatly in to-go boxes, which is convenient for bringing back to the office.

The curry itself was quite strong and rich in flavour, which I enjoyed.  The beef was quite soft and reminded me of a leaner version of beef brisket.  The main reason why I ended up picking this curry was for the naan bread.  I remembered the naan at Rangoli's was absolutely delightful and chewy like pizza dough.  However, this one here was quite bread-like, which I did not like as much.

Value-wise, I'd say this was pretty good value for a food truck.  The meal was definitely hearty and filling and a unique alternative to the typical burgers and sandwiches found at food trucks.  Also, I noticed they also sell the prepackaged Vij's food at the truck too, and my curry was $8.  I'm assuming that it has more, but my cooked version was only 50 cents more!

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Vij's Railway Express
1075 West Georgia St.
Vancouver, BC
(604) 639-3335
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I can't wait to try Vij's. How long was your wait?

@Gloria: I think it was about a 15-20 minute wait at around 1:15pm that day. It was the second week or so that it had opened, so it might have been a bit longer. Then again, the weather is getting better and more people are finding out about it!

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