Cheese & Penguins @ Eat! Vancouver 2012

Last week was the annual Eat! Vancouver festival at BC Place, and it was my first time going this year! Big thanks Bo for taking some of these pictures; check out his flickr!

There were an endless amount of vendors in a sort of trade show gathering, where small local businesses as well as larger corporations had stands showing off their food and handing out samples.

Drinks seemed to be very popular, with a lot of companies handing out retro looking pop and healthy tea drinks.

There were also local restaurants that had stands and gave food in exchange for tickets.  Although we had already visited Bella Gelataria countless times, Dorothy and I got a chocolate gelato and lemon sorbetto to share ($3).  It seemed cheaper than the actual store, and it was actually served from the cart that sits outside the Fairmont!

Diana raved about the pickled salmon ($1.50) from Salmon and Bannock.  I thought it was interesting and liked it.

Doro and I saw this chocolate fountain and could not resist! The skewer of fruit was really nothing that special, but coating it in chocolate ourselves was quite fun.

On the stage, Bob Blumer talked about his new book and showed us how to cook for a bit.

We ended up leaving this a bit early to head to the cheese seminar hosted by the dairy farmers of Canada, which was the highlight of Eat! Vancouver for me. Having missed out on the first seminar, there was a line, but we made it in! We sampled six different cheeses, including: fromage frais, brie damafro, dofino havarti creamy, swiss, avonlea clothbound cheddar, bouchee saveur mexicaine.

My favourite was the fromage frais with the maple syrup and cranberries.  I absolutely hated the clothbound cheddar since it tasted like ammonia and stinky socks.

Overall not a bad day at Eat! Vancouver. Although I had eaten lunch prior, I probably shouldn't have because there were a lot of samples and a lot more vendors that I wanted to try. Related Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


Omg I'm soooo sad that I missed this. Gotta wait another year now :(

@krispy: hmmm... Europe or eat Vancouver? I'd say europe. Lol

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