Asada & Carnitas @ Chronic Tacos Cantina

Both feeling a bit poor, I brought Tiff along with me for a quick lunch at Chronic Tacos Cantina in Gastown since I had a group voucher that was neary expiring anyway.  Chronic Tacos is a restaurant chain hailing from the States, and it is actually heavily promoted on my radio station of choice, The Peak.

The setting is quite casual and you're not actually supposed to wait to be seated.  Instead, patrons are encouraged to grab their own table. Our server then quickly welcomed us after we were seated and brought us some chips.  

As a part of the deal, we got another basket of chips.  I had initially thought that these ones would at least have cheese or something, but I was overly optimistic, I guess.  Instead, these were exactly the same as the previous ones.  They were crisp but a bit boring.

We each got a taco as well.  Initially judging from the size of these tacos, I thought it wouldn't be enough food.  They're about the size of 2 tacos from La Taqueria, but they have a generous heap of lettuce on top.  Tiff had carne asada, or marinated grilled steak.

I had the carnitas, a pulled pork taco, which I thought was not bad.  The meat itself was quite soft, but I thought it could have been a bit stronger in flavour, actually.  The amount of filling inside was generous and I was somewhat full with just that taco and the chips.

With the voucher, I'd say this was a really good deal, but without, it's kind of expensive without it.  The food is decent, but there's still plenty of Mexican restaurants I want to try.  Even so, I'd probably opt for restaurants like La Taqueria or La Casita before Chronic. 

Chronic Tacos Cantina
102 Water Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 558-2110

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