Paintings & Kale @ Chomp Vegan Eatery

Since Alyssa and I had some presentations to do for Hunger Army in Port Moody, we went to Chomp for some lunch.  I think it may have been my first time going to Port Moody ever! (Or at least the only time I can recall.). Chomp Vegan Eatery, asides from being vegan, is also an organic and gluten free restaurant.

I loved the interior of the store.  Everything was white and clean, and the chairs were ridiculously cute.  They had some cute paintings on the wall as well.

Al ordered the Fentiman's rose lemonade ($2.44).  Though she was warned that it was quite rosy, we didn't think so.  Instead, it had a nice touch of rose to it.

She opted for the kale salad ($9), an item that her friend often gets here.  It was her first time trying it though, and she was a bit disappointed.  Although the avocado, pine nuts, chickpeas, and cherry tomatoes spiced it up a bit, 90% of the salad was just organic kale.  The dressing was somewhat bland and made for a boring and expensive dish.  She did enjoy the garlic toast though.

After some debate, I ordered the fiery Thai tofu bowl since it was on special for the month of June at ($8.22).  The pad thai noodles were served with tofu mixed with red pepper, shredded carrot, and bean sprouts, drizzled with "spicy" peanut sauce.  The sauce, to me, wasn't spicy at all.  I wouldn't even call it "warm".  It's funny how the description said "drizzled" because I'm not quite sure how you would drizzle something that's almost as thick as peanut butter.  It totally underwhelmed me, though I was pleased it had at least some flavour compared to Alyssa's dish.

Although I really wanted to like this place (and I'm sure Al really wanted me to too), we both agreed that this dining experience was quite disappointing for the both of us.  Although I'd love to give other dishes a try, there are a whole whack of other vegan places on my wishlist that I would like to try beforehand.

Chomp Vegan Eatery
#7-201 Morrissey Road   
Port Moody, BC
(604) 917-0201
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I got really excited when I saw that this was a vegan place ...but then got really sad when I saw your review.... :( I want to like this place tooo

@tpa: I KNOW RIGHT?! hate it when that happens.

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