Cocktails & Petites @ Oyster Seafood

After a lunch at The Flying Pig and a walk around town with Dorothy, we headed to Oyster Vancouver for some happy hour oysters.

Located in what used to be the old Stock Exchange building, Oyster is really quite tiny.  The photo above was taken at the farthest corner of the room and we could literally count that there were less than 20 seats.

I ordered a sparkling wine cocktail: the morning glory ($12), with contreau, apricot, brandy, and pineapple juice.  Most of the drinks listed on the menu seemed more expensive than most other restaurants, and this one was actually one of the cheaper ones.  I was attracted by the potential of pineapple juice, but sadly, the cocktail was not as pineapple-y as I had hoped.  I know, I should've just ordered a pineapple juice instead if that was actually what I wanted.

The two choices of happy hour oysters that day were the pacific rim petites (top) and the effingham inlets (both normally $2.50 a piece). We got half a dozen of each to start.  The effingham inlets, although larger in size, we're not as sweet as the petites.  Both types were firm and quite fresh though.

We were supplied with a tray of sauces, including the standard cocktail, tabasco, worcestershire sauces, as well as a mirin-based sauce and a ponzu sauce.  Of course, freshly grated horseradish came along with the shucked oysters.  I wasn't a fan of the ponzu since it was quite overpowering and seemed like soy sauce, but the cocktail and mirin sauces were great with the oysters.

We ended up ordering another dozen of petites!

Overall the oysters here were quite good.  Each one seemed quite fresh, and none of them had any shell bits in it at all.  Compared to other restaurants, Oyster Vancouver has longer hours for buck-a-shuck and even offers 50 cent oysters sometimes!

475 Howe St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 899-0323
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This reminds me, we need to continue our oyster crawl sometime. And I need to pick up my 2 dozen oysters from The Lobster Man :P

@krispy: let's do the 50c oysters someday :)

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