Deep Fried Cheesecake & Rice Cakes @ Richmond Night Market

Summer is here! And that means it's time to be disgusting and have a lot of unhealthy and greasy food at the night market.  Well this year, as you may know, there are two night markets in Richmond.  The Summer Night Market (behind Home Depot) and the Richmond Night Market, near River Rock Casino.  The Richmond Night Market prides itself in being "the original night market" until the Summer Night Market took over the lot a few years back.  

Do you recognize this from the old night market?
The Richmond Night Market charges $1 admission -- I think this means that they have another revenue stream and they're able to charge a lower rate to vendors, which explains the much larger number of vendors compared to the Summer Night Market.

Being good Asians who like to go to new things, I went with Dorothy and Bo to grab a few bites.  We actually spent three and a half hours there, mostly waiting in line ups. Since it was the second week the night market had opened, it was quite packed:

This was actually one of the "better" and less crowded aisles.  A piece of advice: don't bring your child if they are not able to walk by themselves. Strollers were such a pain. Tiny dogs beware too, unless you are willing to carry them.  They will get trampled! Poor dogs.

Stop #1: Mango

20 litres of mango right there and another 20 of syrup next to it
Mango specializes in... mango drinks. Go figure.  Wonder how Happy Lemon would feel about their logo being stolen and modified into a mango.  It took about 15 minutes to place our order and another 5 for the drink to reach our hands.  The mango slush with calpis ($6 so expensive) was like eating an actual mango with sugar added -- very thick and too much mango.  We couldn't taste any calpis flavour at all. The stand does not offer any pearls or coconut jelly either.


Stop #2: Twinkle 2

To cleanse the pallet from the mango drink, we needed some bubble tea.  The Twinkle 2 at Alexandra Road closed, but they were here! I originally wanted to get the "egg pudding milk tea" -- I asked them and what it was and they told me it was just made from powder.  That meant it wasn't like the pudding from Leisure! Seeing all those syrups (potentially containing those weird chemicals everyone was talking about), we stuck with green milk tea with pearls ($4).  The pearls were a bit tough, but the tea was good and not overly sweet.

Twinkle 2: 

Stop #3: Dim Sum Express

Bo wanted some fish balls.  There weren't many dim sum stands actually -- I think around two? The curry fish balls ($3 for 6 pieces) weren't spicy at all.  They weren't bad though.  The siu mai pork dumpling ($3.50 for 4 pieces) didn't have any fish roe on top and were just huge pieces of pork.  None of us really liked this.

Dim Sum Express:  

Stop #4: Hurricane Potato 

That brown thing is the actual stand.
Dorothy wanted to try the Hurricane Potato stand (there was only one here this year!) but it was so long.  The back of the line led all the way past the other aisles! This was the view from the back of the line... you can barely make out the stand! There was no way we were going to wait in this line for a mere potato (which I tried once and was overrated, by the way).

Stop #4: Grill

Grill was the stand behind the Hurricane Potato stand, and it didn't get a lot of attention.  Somehow Dorothy noticed their quail egg wrapped in bacon ($3 for three eggs) and had to order it.  They actually grilled these skewers, which I thought was quite impressive.  After a few minutes wait, we each tried one.  It was actually really good.  Probably exceeded my suggested cholesterol intake that day, but really, everyone should try this.  Unless your cholesterol level is high or you have heart conditions or any other health conditions. Do it!


Stop #5: It's All About Grill

There are two It's All About Grill stands at the Night Market.  One of them is in a corner spot and had a really long line, so we tried the other one, which is positioned in the middle of the aisle.  The corner one had some bacon wrapped skewers, whereas this one didn't.  We ordered the AAA ribeye steak, spicy pork, and garlic chicken ($6.75 for 3 skewers).  I only tried a piece of the chicken and that was enough.  Although it had a good BBQ / smoked flavour, the skewers were all way too greasy.  Bo had a bad experience with the beef one, which was actually raw.

It's All About Grill: 

Stop #6: Bubble Tea Avenue

Once again to wash the grease out of our mouths: more bubble tea.  A lot more. We had been eyeing this huge bubble tea at Bubble Tea Avenue for a while now, and finally decided to get it.  The passion fruit green tea ($5 for jumbo, pearls are free) was really overly sweet even though we requested for half sweet.  Not surprised that they would forget because somehow they misread "psft gt" on the cup as strawberry milk tea... It was still a really good refresher though, if only I didn't hate passion fruit.  The jumbo looks awesome and all, but it actually is way too big to finish.

Bubble Tea Avenue: 

Stop #6: Five Bread and Two Fish

Dorothy was on a spicy rice cake ($3) hunt.  We found this stand right next to Bubble Avenue actually.  The rice cakes were nice in texture, but I thought it was too spicy.  Doro liked it though.

Five Bread and Two Fish: 

Stop #7: Ice Cream Churros

Bo was excited that there were actually churros at the night market, so he had to get the ice cream churro ($5) as a dessert.The churros was freshly deep-fried, which was exciting, but there was absolutely no cinnamon nor sugar sprinkled on top.  To me, that kind of defeated the purpose of a churro.  The purpose being to eat a lot of sugar.

Ice Cream Churros: 

Stop #8: Roadside Diner

This was actually one of the reasons why we went to the night market: Dorothy wanted to get the deep fried cheesecake.  After we ordered the original cheesecake with caramel ($6), we had to double take and ask if it was deep fried.  Of course, the server answered: "EVERYTHING IS DEEP FRIED." (Not in caps.)

The deep fried cheesecake is a very creamy and soft mix of cream cheese and sugar, wrapped in something like a spring roll wrapper and deep fried.  It came complete with graham crumbs.  I highly recommend you do not take try this by yourself.  Split it with multiple friends because one bite is enough. It was really quite sweet with the caramel drizzle, but also quite unsuspecting at the first bite.  It isn't until you chew a bit that the cream cheese kind of explodes and it hits you.  After one bite, I could feel my heart beat speed up, and Bo agreed... so I wasn't being crazy. 

Roadside Diner:   (mixed feelings.)

Overall, the Richmond Night Market was not bad.  I definitely would not come here for an actual meal. Heck, Doro and I ate at least 2 meals before this... in the span of three hours.  I could imagine if I came here on an empty stomach, I'd be so frustrated waiting in lines -- which brings me to my next point.  Wear super comfy shoes (which I did not) and be prepared to wait at least twenty minutes for most of the stands above. Oh and come here with good friends who you don't mind sharing food with!
Do you guys have any must-eats for the Richmond Night Market? Or the Summer Night Market?

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Richmond Night Market
8351 River Rd
Richmond, BC
(604) 244-8448  
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Wow you tried so many stalls!! No wonder you were there for three and a half hours LOL

I was around No.3 and Bridgeport at night yesterday and the cars were backed up on No.3 road till Cambie! It was utter madness!!

@Kirby: You can see the sky getting darker and darker in the post! haha. But yeah, we pigged out.

Are you guys going tonight? You should totally skytrain, it's too crazy there. The parking lot is INSANE. We parked at the gravel lot kitty corner to River Rock, but that one has SO MANY POT HOLES. Kinda scraped the belly of the car. D:

How are you not fat???? Good grief. I WANT RNM!?! :( We go when I come home?

@purple: Yes! The night markets run until the first week of October. Plenty of time!

2 meals before this. we are gluttons and i love it so much. i think we need to go for a jog along the seawall soon <3

@Doro: More like 2 meals and a dessert!
So jog and then more Bella after?

of course. we need a reward for our hard work! (maybe qoola is slightly healthier idk idk)

i have a better idea. GROUSE GRIND!!!!! will you grind with me ;)

I was there on Saturday. The crowds were nuts. We got there before opening around 6:30 pm and parking was already slow going.

I went there for dinner but due to the crowds, I wasn't able to make good choices and ended up with some bad ones like the overpriced grilled lobster tail (3 small bites for $7 is not a good deal) and tasteless grilled skewers. The tiny grilled unagi onigiri was also disappointing.

My favourite was the mango shaved ice with ice cream and condensed milk. The mango was very ripe and delish. The bubble waffle was ok, but the long wait was not worth it, maybe if they had the mango flavour available.

Overall, this experience was ok, but I don't think I'll be returned for awhile until the crowds have died down, if they even do. I think I'll go to the Summer Night Market next time.

@Holly: Hey Holly! Thanks for the comment :) I was there on Saturday as well... got there around 7:30pm via skytrain. Twas very crowded that night!

Was the grilled unagi onigiri from "Grill" (the same stand as the quail eggs)?

I was tempted to try the mango shaved ice cream, but then I realize the popular one in the middle row was actually the same as the one at Parker Place... just with a much, much longer line.

I have to go to the Summer Night Market soon as well :) I haven't been to the Chinatown one either!

Man, you two have some food issues. You're like finicky children, why even bother reviewing food.

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