Tasting & BBQ Patio Party @ Dockside Restaurant

A while back, I was invited to Dockside Restaurant for a tasting to try out some food from the new executive chef at Dockside, Simon McNeil. Since I also got some tickets to a BBQ patio party at Dockside for Vancouver Craft Beer Week, I thought I might as well just make one huge post.

Something that I didn't realize at first, was that Dockside Restaurant brews their own beer -- and a lot of it.  We got a quick tour of the facilities and that was pretty cool.  They actually offer weekly tours as well now, so if you're into beer, you should go check it out.  We got to taste a lot of the beers, from ales to ipas to stouts as well.

As for the tasting, we got to sample a few new dishes on the menu, such as the pacific snapper with mango salsa and apple matchsticks, which was quite interesting.  The fruits were refreshing and the fish was roasted quite nicely.

I really liked the mac and cheese with tenderloin because it incorporates a comfort food with a delicious piece of meat.  Although the mac and cheese was more creamy than cheesy, I could understand why because the meat came with a cherry sauce which was so good.  I guess stronger cheese along with the cherry sauce would be too much.

We also sampled the yam and brie croquette which was served with chicken and peaches.  I just realized that fruits were a reoccurring theme with the dishes! The peaches were great with the chicken, and the yam was crunchy.

To end the evening, Simon brought out a platter of macarons, shortbread cookies, almonds, and chocolate.  You probably know by now how I love macarons, but really it was the shortbread cookies that were the best for me here. They were lightly covered in sea salt and the bottom had some pistachio crumbs -- I really like sea salt with desserts.  The macarons were not that great because they weren't that chewy.

Two weeks after that event, I went back for the VCBW BBQ Patio Party with Andy.  With beer tickets in hand, we first tried the beer on cask.  I don't recall what it was, but it was... leaning on the stout side? (Bear with me and my limited knowledge of craft beer.) Not a huge fan of stouts, but I still finished it.  I had an ale after and I liked it more.

Beef brisket
Cinnamon roasted chicken and rack of pork ribs 
To my delight, there was a lot of food and meat.  Fresh from the grill were the beef brisket, cinnamon roasted chicken, rack of pork ribs, as well as pulled pork. I didn't get a picture of the three sauces, but they were amazing.  Two of the sauces were cooked with the in-house beer, and the BBQ sauce with onions was really tangy and sweet.  I immediately regretted not getting more sauce.

They also provided a lot of fruits and veggies as well.  On the far end below the fruit platter was one of the more interesting salads -- a mix of julienned celery hearts and apples.  I actually quite dislike celery, but was pleased to find that the salad had nearly no celery taste.

This is what I ended up with.  Sorry for the bad presentation, but I'm not exactly a plating expert here.   On the grill, Simon cooked beans and potatoes underneath the meats, meaning that it caught all the drippings.  The beans were absolutely amazing.  They were smokey and sweet and just really delicious.  I'm just salivating right now thinking about them.  The other highlight for me were the pork ribs, which were really tender and not dry at all.  Overall, we had some great food, and Andy and I left feeling quite full.

Dockside Restaurant

1253 Johnston St   
Vancouver, BC
(604) 685-7070    
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