Plates & Tulips @ Accord Food House 一心麵典

After a failed attempt to try Xu's Wonton House in Crystal Mall, I headed across the street to try out another place that I've wanted to go to for a long time: Accord Food House.

Looking at the house numbers, I realize that I had arrived but I had to look around before I was sure.  Indeed, I was at the right place but the exterior seemed a bit iffy.  It wasn't going to open for another 15 minutes at 12pm, so I walked to the nearby Staples to loiter rather than hanging around outside.

Upon walking in, I realized it is actually really quaint and cozy inside! And I mean really cute. I can't think of another restaurant with a batch of tulips in a vase and porcelain and frames on the wall, something you would totally not expect from the exterior.  It also smells really delicious inside, probably from the beef noodle broths and shanks boiling!

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Since I already had the more standard Taiwanese beef noodle a week or so prior at Sunway, I ordered the a different variation: the tomato flavoured stewed beef noodle (蕃茄牛肉麵, $8.95).  Although when it came it smelled really strong of star anise, the soup was a bit weaker in comparison, but still quite delicious.  Combined with the tomato, the soup overall was quite good.

The highlight for me was the beef shank though! I think this was the only time that I've had Taiwanese beef noodle where I could taste a strong and rich flavour from the shank.  I can taste it in my mouth right now.  It kind of has a buttery savoury taste to it and it was not tough at all!

Compared to cha chaan tengs, this wasn't that cheap of a meal, but it was delicious and filling.  The tomato soup, although fragrant, was not as strong as that of Sunway's, but I definitely like the beef here a lot more.  

Accord Food House 一心麵典
4611 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
(604) 435-5777
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