Shio & Shoyu @ G-Men / Ramen Izakaya at NanChuu 南廚

After an unsuccessful attempt at going to Crawfish King (since it's only open at night), Kirby, Krispybites, and myself headed across the street to NanChuu.  It has been on my wishlist for a while, but since it's never open for lunch and Alexandra is sort of a pain, I never bothered trying it.  After G-Men closed and merged with NanChuu, they have started serving lunch as well.

Not really sure why there was some Tokyo Tower merchandise, but it was cute.

After the merger, they serve primarily only ramen during lunch.  There's a sign teaching "how to enjoy ramen", and I realize that it was pretty close to what I actually do because I usually taste a bit of the soup and noodles without seasoning before adding garlic.

We ordered the tako wasabi (~$4.75) to share.  The chopped bits of octopus where not too tough and went nicely with the nori seaweed, though the wasabi was quite strong.

Krispybites ordered the shio ramen ($8.75), which uses a chicken-based stock rather than "tonkotsu" (pork bone), but this was pretty standard since shio is supposed to be lighter and clearer.  She said there wasn't much chicken flavour and mostly just salt taste.  I don't order shio that often, since I'm more of a miso fan.

Kirby ordered the shoyu ramen ($8.75) which was also chicken-based (which is actually standard).  I didn't taste a lot of chicken stock either, but rather it reminded me of a stronger version of the soy sauce based soups found with udon noodles. I rarely order shoyu ramen as well.

I ordered the ae soba ($8.75) since it was labelled "staff favourites" and since I wasn't feeling too hungry, this soupless ramen would be perfect.  The soupless ramen actually had a bit of very rich tonkotsu soup at the bottom -- mixed with all the toppings including kamaboko (fish cake), black fungus (which was delicious), and bean sprouts, it was quite tasty.  The cha-shu was definitely on the lean side and not bad.  The egg had a perfect gel-like yolk! Besides for the usual garlic that I added, I also added a bit of the "special vinegar" that the "how to enjoy ramen" sign had mentioned.  I actually really liked the mix!

I was probably the only one that actually liked their lunch that day.  I thought the ae soba was pretty good and quite different from the other ramens I had before, though I agree the shio and shoyu were not as tasty.  But then again, I rarely order shio and shoyu anyways.

G-Men / Ramen Izakaya @ NanChuu 南廚
#1160-8391 Alexandra Rd
Richmond, BC
(778) 276-8391
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I actually didn't mind it. It wasn't great, but it was alright. Wouldn't go back for the ramen though. The tapas are really good though, you should go back to try it!

@krispy: ohhh yeah I'd agree after tasting your bowl of ramen as well. I talked to my friend about Nanchuu and he said that it was quite overpriced at night and not that great :(

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