Tea & Matcha @ Après-Midi Teahouse

Super long and delayed post here because I wanted to try a few more things here before writing this. A long while ago (I'm talking all the way back to the Phnom Penh post), I went with eatingwithkirby and krispymilk to Apres Midi Teahouse in Gastown. It's a bit hidden since you have to go inside a little entrance leading to Gaowler Mews which is near Blood Alley and Carrall Street. There's an entrance right next to Coffee Bar and another next to Vera's.

What I find special here is that the establishment focuses on teas rather than coffee. They have a wide vareity of teas to choose from, but mind you, they also have one drink on the menu plainly called "coffee" as well.

Compared to the typical teahouse that uses either teabags or a coffee press for loose tea leaves, Apres Midi brews each cup and pot of tea using this device, allowing all the leaves to float around and steep before being emptied. They set timers too, ensuring brew time is appropriate for each type of tea. It was pretty fun to watch. However, this brewing method meant that it was not possible to get refills even if a pot was ordered.

We ordered a pot of the earl grey cream (~$4 for a pot) to share, which was very smooth and quite pleasant. It had a bit of a milky taste although we didn't add any dairy to it.

The next time, and more recently, I went back with Andy to study there since I had bought a group voucher which included tea for two and 50g of loose tea leaves. I ordered the matcha latte ($4.95, large) since I was still in search of a replacement for Sajin's. Compared to Sajin's, the matcha was much stronger in flavour and they used almost no sweetner, even though I asked for it to be sweetened. This one didn't have the "seaweedy" chlorophyll taste that the one at Bel Cafe had and was really smooth. I'm not sure if the bottom had any dots of matcha since I couldn't finish it.

Andy ordered a pot of One Night In Paris (~$4), which is a white tea to accompany his studying.

We ended up studying upstairs for almost four hours (hence one star per every hour!) there and they were nice about it (ie// they didn't glare or kick us out). It was definitely more comfortable and quieter here than the typical franchise coffeehouse and i got a lot of studying done. They do offer free wifi, so if you're an avid Facebooker, it'd be best not to bring your FB-ing devices.

Après-Midi Teahouse
1 Gaoler's Mews
Vancouver, BC
(604) 568-7887
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