Cutlet & Teriyaki @ 4 Stones Vegetarian Cuisine 雅室友素食

I've eaten "true" Chinese vegetarian cuisine maybe once or twice in my life... that one time was at the monastery Big Buddha in Hong Kong where we ate several vegetarian dishes that were quite bland and tofu based.  Aside from that, the closest thing to the "imitation meat" vegetarian cuisine I've had would be the flavoured gluten they used to sell at T&T in Richmond.  This time we gave 4 Stones Vegetarian Cuisine a try.

The first dish -- the fried eggplant and tofu ($14.99) was the best. It was quite flavourful and felt just like the rest thing stir fried with meat, but instead stir fried with bean curd. As we ate more though, the bottom revealed a large pool of oil. Was that going in our stomachs? Kinda disgusting.

We also ordered a crispy veggie cutlet with curry sauce on rice ($9.99), which everyone picked at before I could take a picture. The potatoes and soy beans were good, but that was about it. The "pork" was made with bean curd sheet wraps coated with panko and deep fried. Once again overly oily, and it tasted a bit like bland pork. 

The fried teriyaki noodles with veggie beef on hot plate ($10.99) was quite boring and oily, as you can see from the bottom of the picture.  Although the "beef" was on a skewer and seemed to have some grill marks -- I'm not sure if it is because it's tofu -- but it didn't have much beef or "grilled" taste to it.

The spicy cabbage deluxe ($14.99) was actually supposed to be 回鍋肉 (hui guo rou) or "twice cooked pork".  It was probably the oiliest of the dishes and tasted quite salty. I probably had one piece of this and gave up on it.  (As did the rest of my family because this was the most untouched dish.)

Meh, the food was all pretty oily, which was disappointing.  The bill came up to around $16+ per person before gratuity and we all agreed that dim sum would've been a better choice.

4 Stones Vegetarian Cuisine 雅室友素食
150-160 - 7771 Westminster Highway
Richmond, BC
(604) 278-0852
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