Tarts & Feuille @ Faubourg

For the longest time, I've wanted to visit Faubourg.  French pastries, where the staff actually have thick French accents? Yes, please. Both times I went though, they were nearly sold out of everything.  I think this calls for a trip to Faubourg in the morning.

There's a huge window at the hallway in the back for your viewing pleasure.

I ordered a London fog because I can't take coffee.  It was pretty standard. The raspberry operette cake ($4.50) was the only option that day! (Well, there were two different flavours of operette cake to choose from actually.) It was delicious, with the thin alternating layers of cake and chocolate ganache; the cake was not overly sweet and both those layers and the raspberry layers went well together. 

On my next visit, I also got to try the pistachio and raspberry mille-feuille (~$5), which both krispymilk and I had a keen eye on when we dropped by after our trip to Rodney's Oyster House.  I liked this, but it was a bit awkward to get at because the fillings were not solid like ganache.  The pistachio filling was not that artificial tasting (unlike that time with those pistachio macarons at Thomas Haas).  

We also shared a lemon tart (~$4.50), which reminded me of the one at Bistro 101, but instead, this one was almost all filling.  The tart on the bottom was a bit awkward to dig into though, since it would result in the whole thing flipping.  Weird food physics, but I do like the look of this one so much more! The filling was very smooth, with the perfect balance of sweet and tart.  I also liked the pearl sugar surrounding it!

Krispybites also got some choquettes to go ($2.90/bag) -- essentially small choux pastries topped with pearl sugar.  No filling in these, but these were quite a delightful snack.

The pastries here are really quite delicious, though I can't comment on the coffee.  I wish they would have more stock on hand, since both times, a lot of things sold out already! But that is partially my fault for going so late.  I also really want to try the bread next time! Environment-wise, it's quite busy and bustling, and I think Thierry is more comfy.

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2156 W 41st Ave
Vancouver, BC
(604) 266-2156
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Loved that mille-feuille! But so very expensive... :(

@krispy: Mille-feuille ain't cheap! Have you tried any where else?

Only the Asianized version at Anna's Cake House. They call it the Napoleon :P
It's pretty good too, but it's very different from the French version.

oh I love Napoleon! But I'm guessing the one at Faubourg is much better eh?

I REALLY want to try that lemon tart!! It looks so delightful omgoshhhh *mouth water*

@krispy: yeah! I tried the Napoleon before at some Asian place, not as good though!

@kirby: i loveeee the lemon tart!!! and it looks so perfect too!

I keep going so late & it's mostly sold out too :(
Their baked goods look yummier than Thierry's!

@Gloria: I knowwww right. I think their croissants and stuff def look yummier than Thierry's! I tried some more cakes at Thierry and those were really good too though! But nothing beats the lemon tart here! (so far.)

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