Sequoia Part 2: Cardero's in Coal Harbour

As I had mentioned in my previous post on Seasons, I had a whole bunch of Sequoia gift cards waiting to be spent (well not really waiting, I could use more).  Thanks VancityBuzz!

For the second Sequoia restaurant, I decided to treat my parents to a Dine Out Vancouver lunch at Cardero’s.  Their dinner was $28 and lunch was $18, which was really good value in my opinion.  I’m actually not the biggest DOV fan and I’ve never been to that many at all actually, but seeing as how an entrée at Cardero’s was at least $13, why not?

Cardero’s is right on the water at Coal Harbour, with a great view – that is, if you’re sitting at a window seat.  We sat in a table on the inside, and I guess that was alright.  The interior is quite interesting and it felt like we were on a pirate ship, since there was the occasional ringing of the bell with flags zipping in every direction.

For starters, I opted for the sesame crusted Albacore tuna, served with soy sauce, wasabi, and pickled ginger.  Besides for the soy sauce being spilt, this was pretty good actually.  The lightly seared exterior was good with the sesame, and it was actually sliced quite decently for a non-Japanese restaurant (unlike at Mayfair Lakes' Lakeside Grill).

The parents chose the Manhattan Style Clam Chowder, which we kind of assumed was of the New England variety before it even came.  Didn't really read carefully.  Actually, unlike New England chowder, it was quite tomatoey and not that seafoody.  It was a bit more on the sour and acidic side (which reminded me of the ratatouille I mentioned at Bistrot Bistro).  Not the biggest fan.  Oh and I still haven’t watched Disney’s Ratatouille, if you’re wondering.

For mains, the parents went with the grilled steelhead salmon, which was quite well executed. They don't even like seafood that much actually, so I was wondering why they both chose it.  Still, they really liked this dish and especially the squash risotto.

Being the carnivore that I am, I opted for the beef short rib, which came as a bit of a surprise.  I thought there was actual bones and ribs, but instead it looked like the beef shank Ngau jeen that Mama Leung usually makes – kind of dry.  But no, this was way better.  (Sorry Mama Leung if you read this.) It was so soft and tender that I could’ve just tossed my knife out of the window. I really liked it.

For desserts, Papa Leung and I both ordered the New York style cheesecake, as recommended by our server since I wanted something not as sweet.  It was of medium-firmness and not bad.  I was really full from our three-course lunch , so I couldn’t really finish it.

Mama Leung ordered the house made tiramisu, which I think oddly looks like the exterior of Cardero’s.  Would you agree? Or am I just seeing things... Actually I checked out some other photos and it seems like hers was the only one that turned out like this.  I think it's really cute though.  The mascarpone topping was quite light and fluffy, but I thought the lady fingers were a little bit overdrenched.

Overall, the Dine Out Vancouver lunch was a really great deal.  $18 for a three-course lunch? Not shabby at all.  The portions are apparently a bit smaller than the dinner ones, but still very large and Papa Leung was satiated.  By the way, I think I read somewhere that the service here was not that great, but I found our server to be super enthusiastic and amazing.  He was really awesome!

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Cardero's Restaurant
1583 Coal Harbour Quay
Vancouver, BC V6G
(604) 669-7666
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I really like Cardero's location... But when I passed by, I immediately thought it must be super expensive. Too bad I didn't go there for DOV though :P

@krispy: yeah!!! DOV was definitely good there! Next year! :D Maybe you can go for the Sequoia DOV passport. If you complete them all you get to be entered for a raffle or something....

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