Sauce & Sauce @ Teppan Kitchen

Friday lunches at Aberdeen seem to happen every week now, since it's Anthony and Bryan's favourite place for food.  Kind of unexciting, and I don't really want to post on all of them.  This one is probably one of the more interesting ones since I've never tried Teppan Kitchen before! 

Charles had mentioned this place almost a year ago, but I always forgot about it! If you find yourself at Aberdeen, hungry and without cash, this is one of the only food court stands that takes card.

The daily special that day was the 'A' grade rib eye beef teppan rice ($7.50), which comes with miso soup and a drink.

They have a few different sauces.  I liked the garlic butter soy the most, but honestly, it wasn't that much different from the ginger honey brown (except for the garlic flavour).

The rice and beef was served on a hot iron skillet, encircled with a paper strip when served.  Totally reminded me of Hong Kong cha chaan tengs where they serve sizzling steaks on teppans with these papers to prevent any splatter.  The miso soup that came with it was not that great.

Hurriedly, I mixed it all together for fear the beef would become overcooked.  Probably shouldn't have done that.  Anthony didn't mix his and I think that turned out better.  Overall, it was pretty good.  I thought it was quite heavy on the sauce.  No, the sauce pictured above wasn't my own doing -- it came like that.  

Everything was alright, not that amazing but not bad.  I'd ask for less sauce next time so I could add my own though.  It's a good alternative if you don't feel like eating out of a styrofoam plate at the food court.  (Even Saboten's expensive tonkatsu is served on those plates!) Plus, they have a fancy wooden spork for you to eat with here!

Teppan Kitchen
4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC
(604) 295-6656
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Ahaha, I love this place :D
You should try it with udon, if you like udon! :P
I find the fork really hard to use ):

@Kayce: Haha!! I love the spork! but I guess with udon it'd be hard. Oh man, I love udon. I'll definitely try it next time! Thanks for the suggestions!

Hey Janice,

Haha, I ate there a while ago too, love the fancy wooden spork too! I'm still playing catch up, but I'll post a pic of the spork soon!


@Peter: You're back?! I was wondering if you were trapped in a closet again! And yes the spork is so fance!

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