Red Chairs & Paninis @ Nooch Snack and Chill

Tired of our Aberdeen food "adventures" (so called adventures), I dragged Anthony to try Nooch near the Richmond City Hall instead since I had a group buy voucher for it.   

I really like the chairs.
I also like the art. They change up the art sometimes and feature different works from different artists.
I remember Nooch being a pho place on Capstan Way in its previous life, but this time it had reincarnated in the form of a soup and sandwich shop.  This is the second Nooch in Richmond (not counting Nooch Pho), since there's another one by Ikea.  

He had the roast chicken panini (~$8) with moist pieces of whole roasted chicken, herbs 'n' spice, lemon aioli, tomato, and cheddar.  Eh, I'd say it was alright.  I liked how it was pieces of chicken, rather than slices. It came with a side of chips and a salad.  My standards were a bit higher since I liked mine more:

The pesto turkey panini (~$8) with turkey, pesto, spinach, and mozzarella.  What? Pesto? Spinach? And mozz? Check, check, and check.  Actually I like chicken more than turkey, but the other three things sold me.  The pesto wasn't that strong as I'd hoped it would be (I like the one from Meat and Bread more), but combined with everything else, we agreed that this one was the better of the two.  

I substituted my salad and chips for the squash soup, which was the soup of the day.  I didn't like it.  I had expected it to be sweet and delicious, but I didn't read the sign outside (because it was raining!) so I didn't know it was with pepper.  So instead, this was super heavy on pepper, which I didn't like.  Texture-wise it was good though.

Everything was pretty good, but I'm a bit hesitant to go back when it's $8 for a sandwich in Richmond (and right near Richmond Centre too! So many food options).  I know it's like comparing apples and oranges, but I could get a full meal at a cha chaan teng and have enough leftovers for lunch the next day with $8.  (Poor student logic kicking in.)  Still, it is good and I'd probably go back once in a while.

Nooch Snack & Chill
6900 No. 3 Rd
Richmond, BC
(604) 284-5434
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I'm sad to hear that Nooch isn't super good. :( I didn't get a voucher for Nooch so I'm a bit hesitant to try it out at full price (same poor student logic as you :D), especially if its $8 for a sandwich and soup...

@kirby: haha! poor student logic / asian logic ftw! yeah! try it next time if they have a voucher!

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