Bi Bim Bap & Kimchi Ramyon @ Haroo

Something that Richmond is known for is its plethora of Chinese restaurants, especially on Alexandra Road.  Another thing that it should be known for is its lack of Korean restaurants.  Seriously, there's only a handful of Korean restaurants here.  So, when I noticed Haroo while waiting in line at Deer Garden Signatures, I put it on my wishlist.

I`ve heard it was basically a mom and pop restaurant, and indeed it was very cozy inside -- quite similar to Good Friends, but it was much nicer here, I thought.  I thought it was a bit weird that they were playing K-pop -- stuff like SNSD and Super Junior (and that`s the extent of my K-pop knowledge).

We ordered one of the lunch sets that came with eight banchan, or side dishes. Usually restaurants offer four to six! Here, besides for the typical kimchi, bean sprouts, and potatoes, they also three other cold dishes including broccoli, fish cake, seaweed.

Two dishes not often seen as side dishes were the congee and salad. The congee, which was served cold, was not standard plain white congee, but instead it tasted like it was cooked with a light broth.  It would be the perfect breakfast food!

The side dishes were a part of the bulgogi bi bim bap lunch combo ($9.95).  The marinated beef was slightly sweet and was quite good with the rice and assorted vegetables in the stone bowl.

When the kimchi ramyon ($7.45) came, I was really disappointed. I didn`t realize that it would be instant noodles -- I thought it would at least be the type that comes in frozen packets. Instead, it was really low quality instant noodles.  Despite this, the soup pretty delicious in a MSG and kimchi way.  However, this one didn`t come with any of the side dishes.

Although the kimchi ramyon was a major disappointment, the bulgogi bi bim bap and the abundance of side dishes were good. I don't know if I would justify paying $10 for it though, partially because of that really cheap lunch at Good Friends. Still, it's like comparing apples and oranges since you can't really compare the Richmond Korean food scene to that of the Tricities.

8580 Alexandra Rd   
Richmond, BC V6X
(604) 284-5596
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