#EbisuFlair & Deep Fried Mars Bars @ Ebisu on Robson

After eating up with the VANEATS boys and girl (along with other amazing people: Kevin, Tien, Juliane) at Nine Dishes (which I'll post about one day), they graciously invited me to try out their Ebisu Flair package to be released on February 9th, 2012.  I had previously tried their Cheers Ebisu which featured a pitcher of beer and other goodies for $25, so I was excited to try this one.  In comparison, Ebisu Flair features a five-course package that is perfect for trying out the different Ebisu specialties.

Oh I just realized I forgot to put the video here. You should watch this because it's delicious.  Especially with the music (yes! it adds value!) so turn on your speakers!

The salmon carpaccio featured Atlantic salmon marinated in soy based olive oil topped with citrus white wine mayo & flavoured garlic chips was first to arrive after quite a wait.  I think there might have been some confusion about us trying the Ebisu Flair package because we waited for an insanely long time.  Anyways, compared to the standard beef carpaccio, which doesn't feature a soy based olive oil, this one was a bit different.  The oil made it feel more like sashimi than carpaccio, but that is what it is after all.  I like the garlic chips and onions as they added a nice crunch to the raw salmon, but there was a bit too much sauce.

The tiger mayo, with deep fried black tiger prawns complete with the chef's sweet chilli mayonnaise dip arrived at the same time as the carpaccio.  Seeing as it has returned from being on the Cheers Ebisu package, this was good.  The prawns weren't skimpy tempura prawns that you typically see, and the deep fried outer layer was actually not thick at all.  I really liked it, especially with the mayo which was not that spicy, but a bit warm and sweet.

After a little break, the aigamo duck salad, featured roasted duck and sauteed button mushrooms served on a garden of fresh spring greens and peppers in a citrus infused ginger dressing arrived.  A bit strange that the salad came with the roll and not first, but it was still alright because the duck kinda made it meaty I guess. Although I like the Chinese BBQ duck and all, I don't know why I really like this type of roasted duck from izakayas.  It's probably because of the dressing, which was amazing here since it was citrus-y and sweet and how they're thinly sliced.

The roll that Ebisu Flair comes with is the Crunch & Munch Roll, which had a prawn tempura, cucumber, tobiko wrapped with unagi & avocado, served with unagi & wasabi cream sauce.  I didn't really like the rice that it came with, but the fillings and unagi made up for it.  There was a generous amount of unagi and avocado lying on top, and the unagi sauce was delightful.

The last course of the meal was the Mars Attack, featuring smooth nougat and creamy caramel coated in milk chocolate then deep fried served with 2 scoops of polar vanilla ice cream on flakes (or put more simply -- deep fried Mars Bar).  I've never had any deep-fried candy bars, so I was a bit excited and didn't know what to expect. The fried layer was quite similar to the tiger mayo, but I wish it would've been more like panko or tempura instead because the other layer was not that crispy and slightly oily. Still, besides for adding more calories, deep frying it makes the core nougat layer a bit melty, without having the outer chocolate layer melting in your hands.  It was definitely an interesting experience, and combining it with the vanilla ice cream toned down the sweetness.  The Mars Bar actually took quite the long wait -- around 20 minutes after we were finished with the roll and salad.  Service last time, although it was much busier, was much faster.  I have heard that service is a bit of a hit and miss.

Besides for the package, I ordered the pink rose cocktail ($5.95), which had vodka, peach schnapps, grapefruit juice, sprite and grenadine.  Actually, cocktails are on special Tuesdays at $4.50! This was super fruity and had a strong grapefruit taste.  Definitely a girly drink, as if you couldn't tell by the name already.

Overall, the Ebisu Flair package is great for sampling some of the more popular Ebisu dishes if you're new to Ebisu -- especially with the smaller portions, it's good for two people to sample a large variety that would otherwise be too much food to try.  And at $20 -- that's only $10 per person.  Not bad for an izakaya/lounge-restaurant!

Ebisu on Robson
827 Bute St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 689-8266
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