In the House Festival Presents: Fourplay Ep. 3 - Spice

One thing that I would have never imagined to get out of food blogging is getting a chance to go to a burlesque. Kind of unrelated, if you ask me. Well, the third part of In the House Festival's Fourplay, "Spice" was basically a dinner and burlesque show.

I may or may not have been an awkward penguin when one of the burlesquers asked "who hasn't been to a burlesque before?" and I was the only one who timidly raised a hand.

The night started off with men and women in two separate groups since the men were having their stag party and the ladies were having a wedding shower. To everyone's surprise (shocking, really), Sean and Heather planned their parties at the same place -- The Salt Tasting Room.  After a bit of a confrontation, the two parties were merged together into one whole burlesque/ wedding shower event.

Besides for performances by April O'Peel, Melody Mangler, and Violet Femme, the Wet Spots played some very interesting songs.

And despite the evening full of burlesque and raciness, there was still a small element of a wedding shower to the dinner -- gift giving time! All the ladies lined up to give their presents.

Oooooh! A blender! Just what I needed!
Five blenders later: OH! This one has "Wave Action" which continuously forces the mixture down into the blades! NO MORE ICE CHUNKS!! YES!
Just a guess here, but I think the majority of diners were more excited by the stag party than the wedding shower.

The evening's dishes were a bit Asian-influenced -- I think it's to coordinate with this episode's name, "spice".  The first dish was a pickled daikon and carrot salad with cilantro and peanuts.  This was not unlike the pickled vegetables normally had in Vietnamese baguettes, especially because of the cilantro!

After a few songs from the duo, we were handed test tubes of sauce along with our pork skewers.  This definitely draws from Malaysian / Singaporean cuisine with the sauce that was peanut based.  The grilled skewers weren't that flavourful themselves but rather relied more on the creamy sauce.

Next up was this mysteriously wrapped entree. I have to admit, I thought it was lor mai gai / sticky rice... with a side of basmati rice.

Actually, it was halibut (I think?) steamed with coconut milk inside a lotus leaf with a side of coconut rice.  Tien (who will be writing for Kevin this week) and I both noted that the fish seemed to have more than just coconut milk covered on top, but we couldn't really pinpoint what it was.  It went well with the coconut rice was good! I wish we made coconut rice at home sometimes.

For dessert, we had an assortment of fruit with chocolate sauce.  Simple, but I really liked it! The chocolate sauce was so good, and although without the fruit it was really sweet, I regret not eating the rest of it.

Overall, another great evening at Salt! As I was on the train ride back home, it hit me that the whole thing was coming to an end, though.  It's a really bittersweet feeling, especially since I've watched it from the beginning. Sure, it's only been three evenings, but it feels like I've known Sean and Heather for so long! Anyways, I'll save the mushy stuff for next week's post on the wedding! Oh, and once again met some more people at Fourplay, including this really cute couple who I kind of adore (Hi, if you guys are reading this!)

Next week, Monday, March 5:
Episode 4 - Union
It’s a wedding! Come and join us for a celebration you’ll never forget. Special guests: Orkestar Slivovica
Salt Tasting Room
45 Blood Alley
Vancouver, BC
(604) 633-1912
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You barely said anything about the burlesque!

Also, not enough pictures.

Come on.

@Kevin: Don't know what to say about it..... I'll show you the pictures at the wedding :/

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