In the House Festival Presents: Fourplay Ep. 2 - Magic

How long has it been since I’ve been to a magic show? Way too long.  On Monday, the guests of In The House Festival’s second episode of Fourplay, aptly named “Magic” got to witness the magic tricks of Travis Bernhardt, as well as the "magic" that the two protagonists experience as their relationship develops from the first episode.

The evening started out once again on the main floor of the Salt Tasting Room, with Sean attempting some magic tricks – the keyword being “attempting”.  He should have left it to the pro!

Throughout the night, there were laughs and giggles as we learned that the two lovebirds were both contemplating on proposing to each other. They took more of a backseat this time, compared to last time where they were the main drivers of the play.

How'd his shoe get up there?! We'll never know.

Tonight, the focus was more on Travis Bernhardt, professional magician from Vancouver. There were lots of oohs and aahs, and he was truly amazing as he created illusions that we couldn’t fathom to understand.

With his guidance, each of us even performed a trick that amazed ourselves. I think it’s time to quit school and just become a magician.

Tonight’s food was also quite special, with a few of them having cheesy names. I love cheesy names. To start was the “apple of my eye salad” with granny smith apples, celery, and chopped walnuts.  Despite sort of hating celery, I managed to have quite a few pieces because the creamy dressing disguised the taste a bit.  Still, the dressing wasn’t that overpowering and I gave up on the celery soon afterwards.  I did like the apples and nuts and finished them all.

The next dish – not really a “cheesy” name per se – was the bangers and mash with peaches.  I guess not sappy, but it did have its implications...  The sausages were good, but by the end, a bit salty because I didn’t save enough of the potatoes to go with it.  The sauce with the potatoes were excellent (which is why I finished so much of it in the beginning).

To share with our neighbours at the long table was the “I’m grapeful you're mine” platter with cheese, with three types of cheese: da costa, local chevre, and asiago.   The de costa had a smoky flavour to it, while the asiago was firmer and had a little bit of bitterness and sweetness to it.  The chevre was the lightest and creamiest.

For desserts, everyone had a small berry tart (I think I heard it was cherry). I thought this was alright – definitely not too sweet, which was good.  Still, I was quite full by the end of the evening and gave the rest to Kevin who willingly accepted it but was also too full to finish.

Oh back to the show. As our dessert for the end of this episode, Heather proposed to Sean! (It’s a leap year, and that’s allowed!)

And he said yes! This was really cute. It was nice to see the development of a relationship and the idea of having a four parted theatre and dining experience is spectacular.  Also, if you have Twitter, I’d highly recommend tweeting with Heather, the main character. I've been doing so and it takes the experience to another level with a presence outside of the few hours every Monday evening. And do I sense a bit of foreshadowing? She’s such a tease!

Even if you didn't attend the past two shows, they do give a brief overview of the previous episodes, and the show can really be seen individually as well. (Or you can just try and figure out the storyline from this post and my previous post.)
Next week, Monday, February 27:
Episode 3 - Spice
What happens when the stag party and the wedding shower get booked at the same restaurant on the same date? Fireworks guaranteed! Get ready for a night of sexy burlesque, spicy music and loads and loads of fun and laughter. Special guests: April O’Peele, Violet Femme, Melody Mangler, The Wet Spots
Salt Tasting Room
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Vancouver, BC
(604) 633-1912
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