Tofu & Pudding @ Excellent Tofu & Snack 好好豆品專門店

For the longest time ever, I was craving tofu pudding since it kept popping up in some Chinese drama I was watching.  Finally after dinner at Taste Good Wonton Seafood Restaurant (I'll post on that soon), I came here with good company: Andy, Jeff, and Kevin.  Oh, and apparently men should not have to worry about eating too much tofu -- the Chinese myths are false!

They specialize in soy bean products, as the Chinese name suggests.  Everything is made in house, and despite selling only these products, they've been in business for a very, very long time.  They're open until 12am I think. Even on holidays. Perfect for late-night dessert. 

The store itself has a very Hong Kong feel to it, except it's much larger length-wise.  There is a long counter where majority of the patrons sit at, a few two-people tables, and a bigger table at the back. 

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 I got the plain hot tofu pudding ($4) because I was quite full from dinner.  The hot version is much more smoother and softer than the cold version.  Not that the cold version isn't soft, but I think by not chilling it, it retains it's original smoothness.  Even though you can buy a whole bucket of this from the store (which is also quite soft), there is nothing like a bowl of fresh warm tofu pudding here.

The tofu pudding is unsweetened, but they give you different types of sugars to add to taste.  I have a hard time deciding whether I like ginger sugar syrup more or brown sugar (seen above), so I like to alternate between the two.

Jeff and Andy both ordered the red bean with coconut milk.  Toppings are $0.50 to $1 more.

My favourite for when I'm not full is the black glutinous rice topping, which Kevin got.  Black glutinous rice goes so well with tofu pudding!

Pretty pricey for a bowl of tofu pudding, which would cost less than $2 on the streets of Hong Kong, but good for an occasional eat.  There aren't really many other places besides here that specializes in tofu pudding, so it is somewhat of a monopoly I guess.  Still, it definitely has the smoothest tofu pudding in town.

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Excellent Tofu & Snack 好好豆品專門店
160-4231 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC
(604) 232-0268
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What?! $4! For that tiny bowl? I haven't been there for ages, but I don't recall it being so pricey. I do remember it being very smooth and tasty though :)
And I was going to ask "What myth?" But then I saw the link :P

I stopped going to this place ever since 604 Munchies introduced me to the ones at Garden City Kebab Grill. The ones there are much more smooth and stronger in soy taste. Known as Taho, it is basically the same as Chinese tofu dessert. I usually buy a 4L bucket unsweetened for $18. it includes pearls and vanilla/brown sugar syrup.

@krispy: yeah! ain't cheap.

@BG: Thanks for the recommendation! I remember reading on your blog that 604munchies had brought Taho over to your place, but I didn't know it was in Richmond. AWESOME!!

@Kevin: merp.

I have been there serval time their tofu flower is nice

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