Long Tables & Grimbergen @ Irish Heather

After hearing about the Long Table Series for the longest time, I've always wanted to go.  I remember reading about this other dining experience at a long table that was much more expensive, so this seemed like a reasonable deal for $18.  Actually, before that it was only $16 a few months ago! Kem and I had originally planned to go, but krispymilk also tagged along after our trip to Phnom Penh!

What's so special about Irish Heather is that they feature their "Long Table Series", which is "an intimate gathering of friends, old and new, along our 40 foot communal table.... like coming home to 'Sunday Dinner'".  LTS runs only on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Sundays and everyone eats the same dish which varies daily and is listed on their blog.  Dinner started at 7pm and a bell was promptly rang to invite us to the long table next door at the Salty Tongue, which is also owned by the Heather Hospitality Group.

I was admiring this mural the whole night.  

Although the table was long enough to fit 40 people, only about twenty or so showed up on this Sunday night.  

Before the meal, a representative from Carlsberg talked to us about today's beer, which was Belgium's Grimbergen.  He mentioned a bit of the history of the beer, such as how it was first brewed in 1128 by monks.  He also talked about the different flavours of it, but I'm too ignorant about beer to recall what he said.  The beer, which came in a huge half-litre goblet, was pretty easy to drink though (even for me!) According to the LTS site, the beers itself cost $8 at Irish Heather! So you basically end up paying $10 for the main.

The main tonight was the roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and roasting jus.  It seemed the pieces of meat varied between everyone; I got one big piece and a smaller piece.  The meat was alright -- not as tender and soft as I had hoped.  It had a bit of gristle on the end, which was negligible.  The roasting jus was a little bit sweet, which I thought was a tad weird.  I wish there was more though since there wasn't enough to go around for both the potatoes (which was delicious) and the Yorkshire pudding.  The pudding was not as amazing as I had anticipated because the exterior was quite thick.  I remember having these ones where it had a really thin and crisp outer layer -- not sure if this is "authentic" but I liked it.

I wasn't actually expecting food that was entirely that amazing, since the main selling point of this was to experience the long table and dining with strangers.  Unfortunately, the people around us came in their own little pairs or groups and just kept to themselves.  That was a bit unexciting.  I really do want to give it another try, since it seems like the experience varies with the different crowds that come.

Irish Heather
208 Carrall St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 688-9779
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When LTS started, it was $12.
Your beer ignorance is not acceptable and must be rectified.

@Kevin: still want that strawberry beer.

Fruli? It's interesting... You should try it.

You seem to have more positive thoughts about the long table experience lol. Honestly I was pretty disappointed with the food.

@krispy: It might've been all the beer that threw off my perception of the meal. I should have a disclaimer at the top of my post ;) But yeah, it was pretty meh. Alright.

I think there's another beer Kevin was talking about.... I don't remember the name. Fruli so mainstream...! hahaha! I kid.

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