Spare Ribs & Har Gow @ Harbour Spirit Restaurant (王朝粵川海鮮酒樓)

After my mother talked about trying this place out for the longest while, we finally gave Harbour Spirit a chance.  (Not that I'm not up to trying new things; we actually haven't had much time to go out and have dim sum as a family for a while.)

Located on No. 3 Road in Richmond, it took the spot of Sammy J. Peppers, and I don't think much of the decor has changed really.  It feels pretty weird having dim sum here, with the bar and all that.  Oh, and the service was not the best.  I don't know why they kept speaking to us in Mandarin even after we responded to them in Cantonese a few times.

I'm actually not a fan of this, but my dad ordered it: the flying fish and scallop dumpling ( 魚子帶子餃, big).  I don't know, usually the scallops on these are pretty fishy, so I much prefer the normal har gow.  This was sort of the case here.

I think the English translation for this isn't really that accurate: steamed milk pudding buns (黃金流沙飽, med).  I think milk pudding would be more like 奶黄 or 奶油, whereas this is actually made out of duck egg yolk.  These buns were actually huge since usually three of these buns don't take up a full steamer.  Overall, it was alright.  Although usually I'm a fan of mantou, I actually like less bun and more filling for this type of bun -- just because I love the filling so much.  I still think Sea Harbour has the best (maybe because it was the first place that I've ever tried this), but I haven't been there in so long!

I don't know why, our family is used to having a rice roll at every dim sum meal -- we usually choose either beef or shrimp, and this time we chose the shrimp rice noodle roll (虾腸, big).  It was pretty soft and not bad.  I originally wanted to say it's really hard to mess up rice noodle roll, but I actually remember a few bad experiences.  Darn it, there was this place with insanely smooth and soft rice noodle rolls in Richmond, but I can't remember where.  It was during my pre-blogging days.  Anyone have any recommendations?

The steamed rib with pumpkin (蒸排骨, small) actually did not come with pumpkin, which was a disappointment, but instead it came with taro.  Yes, I do love my taro, but I don't like it when I expect one thing and get another (well unless it's amazing).  The taro was kind of drenched in oil too! The steamed ribs were quite soft and smooth, but I do believe it was due to tenderizing.

I also find that we order pan-fried radish cake (臘味煎蘿蔔糕, small) whenever we have the chance.  The pieces were huge and it wasn't crumbly like some other places I've been to.  This was more of the powder-based cakes and not too heavy on the radish, which I like -- yes I like to be ripped off with flour instead of radish.  It wasn't that fragrant though and didn't have a lot of preserved meat.

The food is meh, but the service was kind of bad.  Still, it was incredibly cheap -- around $8 or so per person including tax and tip! They don't charge you for tea, unlike the typical dim sum restaurants, and they were doing a 20% promo.  (Don't know if that's still on though....)

Harbour Spirit Restaurant 王朝粵川海鮮酒樓
5580 No. 3 Road
Richmond, BC
(604) 270-6677
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Ohhhh ewwww I hated this place. I knew it was bad since the reviews have generally been negative, but it was right across from my old place, so I had to try it.

Yeah. Actually I started writing this a while back and was swayed by it's cheap prices. But maybe.... now that I found out Shun Feng is cheap....

I still have never tried this place! Maybe I should soon. The duck egg yolk bun thing looked good!!!

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