Beef Soup & Pork Cutlet @ Good Friends

Fortunate enough to get a ride from Marco, of course, I had to abuse take advantage of this by going to eat somewhere in Lougheed with him.  Lougheed is fairly close to SFU Burnaby, but I never make the effort to go just because it’s a bit out of way.  (I used to go quite a bit two years ago when I drove to school, though.)  Being tired of the Korean place at Cornerstone on SFU, we went to Good Friends.

Good Friends is kind of a weird name, but I guess I'm used to it now since I live in Richmond.  The interior has a very homey feel to it, and we got to sit on couches!

As with other Korean restaurants, they had a few banchan, including: cucmbers, tofu, shitake mushroom, kimchi, and bean sprouts.  My favourites were the bottom row actually.

We chose two things off of the $6.99 "brunch special" menu of six items, which is served daily from 10:30am to 3pm -- I think they actually mean lunch. Maybe.

Since it was a cold day and hailing outside, I opted for a soup -- namely the beef soup with rice ($6.99).  I actually ordered it non-spicy, but as you can see it was spicy.  Oh well, it actually wasn't spicy at all, just really hot.  The chili powder kind of made me cough near the end of the soup though.  This came with a bowl of rice, so there was actually a lot of food.

There wasn't much beef inside the soup though, but the few pieces were quite soft.  There were a lot of bean sprouts though, and I liked that; they were quite "good friends" with the rice. (Ha!)

Marco got the pork cutlet ($6.99), and it came with a soup! It was actually a really small bowl was corn flavoured.  It was alright.

The pork cutlet was huge! Actually, there were two pieces.  I didn't like how it was drenched in sauce though -- practically swimming in it! That kind of ruins the deep fried goodness a bit.  I sampled a bit and it was alright.  For "brunch" this was pretty heavy, and we packed one piece to go.

My soup was pretty good, but the cutlet was just alright I guess. However, the prices are really quite low and reasonable -- $6.99 for a meal? That's like the same price as a meal at the McDonald's next door. The portions are also huge as well.

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Good Friends
535 Clarke Road
Coquitlam, BC
(604) 931-5535
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