Birthdays & Oysters @ Whet Kitchen.Bar.Patio at Granville Island

That's right.  More birthday dinners.  December was a good month in terms of food! For Dorothy's birthday dinner, she suggested we try Whet, located at Granville Island.  Frankly, I've never heard of this place before and it doesn't garner that much attention on Urbanspoon.  I guess it's because Sandbar is right there and just gets a bit more attention since it's apart of the Sequoia Group.

Whet is actually located right near the entrance of Granville Island.  If you look to your left immediately after you cross the bridge, it's right there.

Although it was a Saturday evening, it wasn't that packed, but it wasn't entirely empty either.  I feel like this is more of a tourist-y place to go since it's right smack in Granville Island.  It does offer a nice view outside, but it was cold and we didn't want to go out to see.

Once again, I am going to emphasize I know nothing about alcohol, but we had the zardetto ($9) and the soho sunset ($7.50) -- a cocktail with soho lychee, red alize, pineapple.  The soho sunset didn't have any alcohol taste to it at all and tasted like juice.

To start, we ordered some kusshi oysters ($3.25), which were deep water cultured from Deep Bay in East Vancouver Island.  I'm quite unexperienced eating raw oysters and the only other time that I've had good experience with them was at Taylor Shellfish Farm near Seattle.  These oysters were quite firm and had a strong salty taste to them.

Besides for the standard cocktail sauce, there was also wasabi soy sauce and a cucumber mignonette.  Although I did like the cocktail sauce, the soy sauce was also good. 

We also shared the Salt Spring Island mussels ($14) which had chardonnay, shallots, tomatoes, garlic and grilled baguette.  It's been so long since I've had mussels.  Seriously, where have they been in my life all this time?! The mussels weren't that big though, but still firm and good.  The sauce was quite strong with both the chardonnay and shallots.  The baguette was amazing with the sauce as well. 

It was a while since I've had a decent burger and I heard someone mention it on Urbanspoon, I got the whet burger ($14) with sirloin patty, brioche bun, and garlic aioli sauce.  It was alright, not really that amazing.  The patty was a little pinkish, but not as much as the one from Max's Burgers.  It wasn't amazing but alright.  I liked the coleslaw it came with since it had cranberries though.

Kem got the chicken manicotti ($19) with spinach, ricotta cheese, béchamel and marinara sauce, roasted tomatoes and fresh basil, which I was totally jealous of.  I should've gotten this instead.  It was so good (from the little bit that I had).  Seriously, anything with spinach and cheese, like quiches, are wonderful.  There wasn't that much chicken though, from what I had.

Doro got her new york steak (12 oz., $26) which actually came out quite cold. Whet took it back and heated it up a bit for her, and they even gave her a discount on it! I think when it came back it was much better than before.

Everything was pretty alright -- not amazing.  Prices weren't that cheap either, but it is in a touristy area.  Not sure if I would come back here unless I was in the area with friends from out of town, but then again I might consider Sandbar or Bistro 101 instead if I were in Granville Island.

Whet Kitchen.Bar.Patio
1517 Anderson Road
Vancouver, BC
(604) 696-0739
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If memory serves me right, there used to be a Sammy J Peppers in that location. I guess the dress code of the waitresses there wasn't enough to attract customers... Anyway, as for Whet, I was there for a private event and, with the caveat that they are obviously not representative of a regular meal, I wasn't necessarily impressed with the food. Of course, somethings can't be changed regardless, namely, the oysters. I didn't find it salty (as you described); rather, I was expecting it to be slightly "sweeter".

As for the mussels, there are a lot of mussels places around town, some with good deals if you are there before certain time of the day. For example, in some of the Sequoia restaurants (since you mentioned it), Monday to Friday, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., if you order them at the bar, mussels and fries are $10.

Probably you might not have paid attention to this: if the mussel itself tends to be of a smaller size ("meat", not the shell), chances are they are Atlantic mussels. Larger ones tend to be Pacific mussels.

@Kim: Yeah! I still need to go to the Sandbar special! I heard Twisted Fork also has a special on Tuesdays as well. Mmmmm. Mussels.

And thanks for the tidbit! I had rather large mussels at Seasons the other day, compared to Whet that is.

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