Spicy Ramen & Tonkotsu Ramen @ Ramen Sanpachi

After watching The Belle Game at the Grey Cup Fest, Doro and I headed to grab something to eat before Hey Ocean! played.  (As much as I wanted to watch The Zolas, I've seen them a few times already and I was hungry.)  One of Doro's favourite ramen places is Ramen Sanpachi on Robson.  The restaurant is actually quite big compared to other places like Hokkaido Santouka and Motomachi Shokudo.

I've been meaning to try this place a few times since I keep seeing it pop up on Groupon Now, but I never did.  And that day they didn't have the Groupon.  Darn.

Next level yaki udon manuever.

Not many ramen places serve other things besides ramen and gyoza, so I found it interesting that they also served yaki-udon and kimuchi fried rice.

We didn't get edamame ($2.80) to start, but if you want any vegetables in your meal, you should probably do that.  We actually got it afterwards because we had some time to waste and didn't want to go out into the rain.  Since the restaurant is fairly big and wasn't that busy, we didn't have to worry about loitering for too long.  The soy beans were cooked pretty well, but it's hard to mess up peas.  Can you even get fresh edamame beans in Vancouver? I used to get precooked bags from the frozen section at supermarkets.

Dorothy got her spicy ramen ($8.95 + $1 for corn).  I was kind of jealous of her egg because it looked so beautiful with a perfect gel-like yolk.  Too bad the tonkotsu doesn't have one, and I didn't realize you could add one whole egg (according to the picture on the menu) for $1.  I'm not a fan of spicy soup at all (okay, that's a lie, hot and sour soup is good), but Doro is (she liked the soup at Toyotomi).  This kind of reminded me of the Shin Cup noodles but a bit more on the tangy side.  She finished all the soup, as you can see.

Since it seems like everyone was recommending the tonkotsu ramen ($8.95), I knew what I wanted to before I got the menu.  The flavour of the soup was very strong, but I kind of had a feeling it was because of MSG.  Still, it had a lot of pork bone flavour as well as seaweed flavour from the nori seaweed.  The chashu, which you can more clearly see in Doro's ramen, was more on the lean side.  I think they were somewhat generous as they gave three slices, but for the record, they were sliced quite thinly.  They weren't as soft as the ones you would find  at say, Motomachi, but I guess that's what you get for being healthy.

Like everyone else, I'd suggest the tonkotsu ramen just because it's the only thing I've tried and tested.  I've heard some comments about the broths being bland, but the tonkotsu one is alright.  After the meal I didn't feel any signs of a MSG attack, but I did drink quite a bit of tea (which is free by the way, unlike most ramen places) as I munched on edamame.

Ramen Sanpachi (Robson)
770 Bute Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 609-9938
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I tried tonkotsu as well and found it quite bland. And for some reason my pic looks a lot less appetizing than yours...


@krispy: what! that looks totally different. maybe they changed things up a bit since that was quite a while ago. it seems like that one has a bit of gunk floating on top :s

The one thing I really liked about this place was the brick of butter that you could get with your ramen, haha! Other than that, I had a pretty sour experience with this place and it's not likely I'd go back :)

@Peter: ooh butter! I wonder which other ones offer that as a topping!

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