Noodles & Soy Milk @ Shang Noodle House

On the way to Sweet Bubble the other day, I noticed a new restaurant had popped up in Richmond right on Saba Road.  Actually, this post isn't about that restaurant.  It's about Shang Noodle House -- the one at Starlight Casino.  Another one just opened recently at Saba Road!

Since it was a coworker's birthday, a few of us had to treat him for lunch.  Honestly I would've preferred the pasta lunch for $6.99 at Salt and Pepper Cafe, but that makes it look like we're being cheap apparently.  (I much rather have cheap good food than expensive mediocre food.)  Also because I was the lowly intern.  I don't have any say in anything, including food.  (Which reminds me... I have to go back even though I'm not working near there anymore.) 

The interior is pretty clean and feels quite new.  I think this restaurant may have been a sushi place in it's previous life since there is a conveyor belt spinning around the bar.  It kind of looks like the flowers are rotating in that picture there, but actually they're not.  I think they should do that instead of placing miserable plates of dim sum on it -- it'd be more entertaining.

 They had several combos for lunch, ranging from $9 to $11.  After a lot of contemplation, I finally decided to get what I thought would be the safest -- the shanghai wonton soup.  It came with a spring roll and a a choice of hot or cold soy milk.  The wontons were alright considering the food in the area was not that good.  I didn't really mind eating them I guess.  The soup was pretty bland although it looked like it was dark and soy sauce based.  This resulted in noodles that were quite bland as well.  The spring roll wasn't that special either and I was a bit disappointed it didn't have dried shitake mushrooms to make it more fragrant.   The bowl was huge and I didn't finish it all.

Food-wise, the meal was actually kind of boring.  I wouldn't say it was terrible, but it wasn't that good or amazing.  It's not that cheap either.  I'm interested to know how the new Shang Noodle at Saba Road will turn out because there are so many food options in that area.  The casino one was fairly busy because there aren't many food options for people that work in that area, and I guess casino guests need food too.

Shang Noodle House 尚麵館 (at Starlight Casino)
350 Gifford Street
New Westminster, BC
(604) 527-3388
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I passed by a couple times when I went to Kirin. It's always relatively empty... I think most people would rather go to Kirin next door (even though that's not the best location either).

My friend told me that the food here wasn't that great. And I've always been hesitant to try it out, I think I won't try it at all now. :P

@krispy: why were you at THAT Kirin?! So far!! It was actually somewhat full (well at least more than I expected) because of the people on lunch breaks. Mind you it was a Friday so you know, Friday lunches.

@KayCe: Hahahha it's not that great. Kind of far too so I wouldn't even bother considering if I didn't work near there. The new Shang Noodle is right at Saba, next to BMO though, so that might be tempting (for you, not me). hahaha

I was at THAT Kirin because I wanted to try all the Kirin locations! LOL... Yes I'm silly like that. Sometimes I go to a place just so I can write about it (despite semi-negative reviews). Never going back again though. Food was not that great in general, and service was just horrible. One of our items never came and when we asked if they'd forgotten, they insisted it was "on its way". After being "on its way" for another 15 minutes, we finally cancelled it and left.

@krispy: Haha! Interesting goal... though I guess it is good to try all the different locations, but that one is way too far! I've been to that Kirin once a while back before I was blogging... can't really remember much. (Now that I blog I actual pay attention and try to remember things!)

I am baffle at the negative comments re: Kirini (starlight). I went a week ago and enjoyed the food and superb service. I will go again and again without hesitation. Wonder where those comments come from.

This stupid Chinese restaurant denied my 16 year old daughter a phone this evening it was dark she was scared the bus didn't make a stop and left her at Annacis island in the middle of highways my daughter's cell battery died and she didn't know what to do she went to one person inside this crappy restaurant and asked if she can use their phone to call me (mom) she saw a phone right there at their desk and the dumb waitress said NO what a shame of a restaurant I never will visit this place I can't believe there are people who don't help in case of emergency she had to go to the casino scared because she is not allowed there but someone helped her at starlight
Bad restaurant

Angry mom!

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