Golf & Tuna @ Lakeside Grill

Don't know if you remember where I worked, but I think I mentioned it enough for everyone to remember that I worked in the middle of nowhere. Well, more specifically, in the land of cranberries in East Richmond. Not anymore! I think as a farewell to such an important employee (me, obviously) and as well as an accumulation of birthday lunches our boss owed us, he took us the the Lakeside Grill at Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club during my last week.

The restaurant, which is right inside the clubhouse, has high ceilings with windows that drop all the way down to the floor (there's probably a technical term for this) to present a nice view of the golf course.  I don't know how to golf, but the golf course was quite pretty.  I'm not quite sure what to categorize what cuisine they serve, but I guess it is a bit of a fusion-y pacific northwest thing, since they serve burgers as well as other entrees with an Asian twist.  I don't really know what to call it.  You can be the judge of that -- their menu is here.

That day didn't feel like a carb-day so I ordered the ahi tuna sashimi salad ($17) which had chunks of fresh tuna, spring greens tossed in a spicy ginger, soya, sesame dressing garnished with cucumber, tomato, red onion and pickled ginger.  Although the sashimi was the main star of the salad, when they serve it you can't actually see it.  It was all hidden under the leafy greens.

When they said chunks of tuna, they weren't kidding. They really meant chunks.  Poorly cut chunks that didn't really feel like sashimi.  They were quite small in area but were much thicker than normal sashimi pieces.  They weren't smooth at the cuts but kind of bumpy.  The tuna was really cold and just a bit icy.  I wasn't a huge fan of it.

Although they serve soy sauce with the sashimi, I didn't really understand how it was supposed to be used.  The tuna was literally drowning (ha, it's a fish but it drowns) in the dressing at the bottom of the salad.  The dressing, which was soy sauce and sesame based, had a familiar taste from another salad I've had at Gyo-o (which I didn't write about), but it didn't go all that well with the tuna.  I would've much preferred using the wasabi and soy sauce, but there was so much sauce that I didn't really know what to do.  The greens at the bottom of the salad were also drowning as well, sadly.

It seems like my coworkers had a bit better luck with their dishes (most of  them went with the beef num pang), which is Cambodian for "bread" or "sandwich".  Still, it's pretty pricey here, but chances are, if you're dining here, you are probably a golfer anyways.

Lakeside Grill (at Mayfair Lakes Golf & Country Club)
5460 No. 7 Road
Richmond, BC
(604) 276-0511
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Way back when I was working in No 6 Road and Westminster Highway, I went to several to the golf clubs located in the area and I am certain I visited this one (the piano is the biggest hint to this). Aside from nice plating, the food is OK. Then again, given that people are there for golfing and not food, I guess there is no pressure to do "better" except when they are holding an event. Interestingly, their burgers tend to be quite decent. A bit overcooked at times and somewhat generic (Sysco? GFS?) but, again, considering their customer base, it was good enough.

@Kim: Yeah, no one really cares about this place. I actually had to add it on Urbanspoon even though it's been here for a while. A friend's relative had their wedding here, not sure how the food was for the event though.

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