Smoked Meat & Soup @ Dunn's Famous

Because of our failed attempt to meet up at Accord Food House since it was closed for the winter, I still met up with I'm Busy Eating, Foodology, Food Queen, Kirby, and Jenny -- all of whom are also from SFU! We went to Dunn's Famous, which specializes in Montreal smoked meat.  

Just a quick note. I'd say that I'm fairly good with directions and recognizing and remembering places.  Which is why, when I thought Dunn's, I thought of this:

This is not the right Dunn's.  This is actually a tailor shop across from Segal Campus.  Being the prepared food blogger that I am, somewhere in the back of my head, I linked this to Dunn's Famous and headed straight for here without even googling it.  It was a quick walk to the real Dunn's which is a few blocks down.

I like the interior! It's comfy and goodness, those tables there look so adorable.  Unfortunately we didn't get to sit here, but I think that would have been for the better with a group our size!

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It seems like the menu online is a bit different from the actual one here in Vancouver.  

Foodology and I decided to share two sandwiches so we could try at least two different ones.  I chose the famous Dunn's reuben which had Montreal smoked meat, double stacked on dark rye with sauerkraut and melted Swiss cheese ($13.99).  The fact that it was double stacked and it was with dark rye really attracted me.  For all the smoked meat sandwiches, there is a choice of lean, medium, or fat.  We all got the medium, which seems like the best of both worlds.  

True enough, the smoked meat was really tasty and had just the right amount of fat, and it went well with the Swiss.  I wish there was more cheese though, but it was actually a reasonable amount.  I'm just being greedy.  One thing that really disappointed me was that the bottom piece of rye was really soggy.  It wasn't a pleasant feeling, holding onto the sandwich -- kind of like shaking a clamy hand.

I switched the option of fries or house salad for a seafood chowder ($1.99 extra).  It had a strong seafood-y and clam taste to it, but wasn't too thick, which worked well with the sandwich because it was so big.  If the soup were thicker I would not have been able to finish all the food! 

After a little (actually, that's questionable) bit of thought, foodology decided to get the Super Giant Montréal Smoked Meat Sandwich ($12.98), which had 8oz of handsliced beef brisket on sourdough rye. instead of the 6oz.  You can tell by the angle the top piece of bread (almost perpendicular to the plate!) is sitting on that it's a lot of meat.

This one didn't have any cheese but instead had some mustard slathered on the bread.  The beef was very soft and delicious, but the sandwich was impossible to pick up! I was a lady and used a fork and knife, so I don't even know if the bottom piece of bread was soggy or not.  Somehow, foodology and I managed finish both the sandwiches!

At first I was going to say that $14 for a sandwich isn't cheap, but then again, it's not bad for the downtown area.  Plus, these sandwiches are huge and super filling.  The smoked meat is soft and delicious as well! 

Dunn's Famous
827 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 682-8938
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Contrary to what you wrote in your tweet, i.e., "First Dunn's Famous in Western Canada", there used to be a Dunn's in Calgary. Furthermore, if we stretch it to a "Montreal Smoked Meat sandwich made with Dunn's smoked meat", Costco food court's smoked meat sandwich is made with Dunn's smoked meat. Of course, it does not use rye bread; rather their own bread.

As for Dunn's themselves, it was OK for me at most. The rye was just OK and, unlike you, it didn't get soggy. After eating the first half (of an 8 ounce sandwich), I ended up eating only the meat from the second half using fork and knife (actually just the fork).

Side note: I ordered mine with a poutine and it was the strangest poutine I ever had. To be more specific, the gravy was.... Sweet.

@Kim: Oops. That's what you get for tweeting in class. hahaha. I didn't do proper research and heard that it was the first one from someone else. Didn't know that Costco food court was made with Dunn's as well.

I was so sad it was soggy! It was soggy right when it came too, which really sucked. Someone upgraded the fries to a poutine and I tried a cheese curd... I just remember it wasn't that squeaky since I had poutine at La Belle Patate a few days before and it was super squeaky!

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