Birthdays & Poire @ Bistrot Bistro

For Kemily's belated birthday dinner, we went to Bistro Bistro in Kitsilano. This was on my wishlist since forever after I read posts by Sherman, Follow Me Foodie, and Kim Ho. I kinda forgot about it though, so thanks Kem for choosing this place!

It's pretty cozy inside and quite packed as well. And they give you blankets if you're sitting near the door!

The pommes allumettes and mayo ($5) are thinner versions of French fries, known as matchstick potatoes (yes, all those years of studying French paid off). Everyone liked them a lot since they were freshly fried and actually quite crispy (but not too much crisp). The mayo was SO good. I like mayo more than ketchup.

At first we didn't order the mix baguette tapenade (1/2 for $3) because we thought the fries would be enough, but after getting our entrees, we (more like I) decided to get it. It's not complimentary, but it's actually quite a bit so it ended up being 60 cents or so per person.

Since I've heard so many good things about the rabbit with two mustards and white wine cream ($21), I had to get it. I've actually never had rabbit before I think, and some of my friends were not very open-minded about it when I offered some. The texture kind of feels like chicken (the free-range kind since it's fairly lean) and tastes a bit more gamey. I liked it because it was a nice change from other meats.

Mel's duck confit macaroni & cheese ($18) was also pretty good. The macaroni was really creamy but didn't have a lot of cheese flavour to it unfortunately. The duck (from the bit I tried) was quite good and juicy though.

Kem liked her sole meuniere -- filet of sole in almond butter ($17), which I only had a little sample of.

Doro really liked her filet mignon with scallion butter sauce ($23). It was cooked perfectly to medium-rare and I thought it was quite tender and juicy as well.

She added a ratatouille ($4) on the side as well. I don't really like ratatouille that much because there's so many tomatoes and feels like very chunky and hearty salsa to me. Also, I've never watched Ratatouille (the Disney movie), which I should do. I'll do that during the winter break.

We got the perfect dessert to share, the poire belle Hélène ($6), which is a French version of a sundae made with pears poached in sugar syrup, ice cream, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream. I love the whole combo and the pears were delicious.  It was a mess and that made it all the better for sharing.  

The prices here are somewhat reasonable and the food is good, but I don't love it enough to come back here regularly (since I am a poor student and W 4th is too expensive for me).  It would be good to come back here once in a while though especially with friends.

Bistrot Bistro
1961 W 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC
(604) 732-0004
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Thanks for the shout out!

You ordered several of the dishes we ordered and I am glad they were a hit with you! Yes, the mac-n-cheese might be a bit of an acquired taste. Mijune expressed similar thoughts to yours, i.e., it needed more cheese; however, in my case, I thought it was fine (I don't like the cheese overpowering things). I have found that ratatouille does not tend to work well with Chinese people because of the consistency of the vegetables and the acidity of the tomato (unless, of course, it is spiked with a lot of sugar to counter it). So, in a way, I am not surprised with your opinion. Now, comparing it to a salsa... Well... That might be stretching a little bit...

Ratatouille is a good film and you should definitely watch it. If you plan to continue to food blog for a long time, you must find a bit of Anton Ego in yourself! ;)

Finally, for similar fare, you might want to consider Salade de Fruits. It might not have the same ambiance but I certainly liked the food!

@Kim: OH I love Salade de Fruits. It's interesting how I found out about that place... our grade 12 French teacher took us there for a "field trip". BEST field trip ever. It's been a while since I've visited though, but I like it there!

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