Whip Cream & Cake @ Cheesecake Etc.

After Dorothy's birthday dinner at Whet, of course, we had to go for more food -- namely, cake! (We may or may not have gone for bubble tea after this.... just because we are awesome like that.) Doro had actually picked Whet because it was close to Cheesecake Etc. -- we were craving for some cheesecake the whole week!  I hadn't been there for almost two years, so I basically forgot what the cake was like.

I totally forgot how crowded it was too.  Since it opens only from 7pm to 1am, it's usually quite busy.  It was a smidge before 11pm and we managed to beat a mob of people that came a few minutes after.  We were promptly lead into another room that lead to another room... I didn't know the restaurant was that big.  I always sat at the main room.

This is actually going to make for a boring post since all three of us ordered the same thing: the original cheesecake with strawberries ($5.75) -- not that there are many choices to begin with.  The other choices were the chocolate cheesecake and the choice of blueberry topping instead.  The cheesecake her is really soft and light.  Remember what I said about liking cheesecake that was firmer? Well, scratch that.  I like this one here just the way it is.  I do think this one is not as moist mushy as the one we had at Sweet Revenge though, so I like it more. 

Extra strawberry topping costs extra, but not whip.  Kem and I couldn't help ourselves.
This one, unlike the Japanese-style ones from Berry Good, has a stronger cheese flavour and is also much creamier as well.  An interesting note is that they don't have a crust on the bottom.  I've seen crusts that have failed a few times, being either too sweet or too moist, so I guess this gives them less chance to ruin the cake.  Size wise: it was a good size -- a bit bigger than Berry Good's, but smaller than True Confections.  Not bad, considering how creamy it was.  The strawberries weren't overly sweet either.

This the mess that Kem made.  Yes, she did finish it actually.

Cheesecake Etc. is actually cheaper than True Confections and Sweet Revenge! Berry Good is still cheaper if you get the combo, but I like the cake here more.  Despite the long line, it's also a good place to just sit around for a long time if you're in the very far room.  Service is a bit slow, but they are quite busy there.  Any other cheesecake places I should be aware of? I already have Sweet Obsessions on my list, as well as Trees (the Granville one, not the Richmond Public Library one).

Cheesecake Etc.
2141 Granville St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 734-7704
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Woo! The cheesecake post is finally here. The suspense was killing me. Though I must say, I disliked Cheesecake etc. I didn't hate it, but it didn't leave a good impression. http://www.krispybites.com/2010/11/cheesecake-etc.html

That's so Kemily-esque to make a complete mess out of her food and then actually eat it all. You should see her Thanksgiving dinner plate; it's disgusting!

@krispy: wow! the hot water and honey business is horrible! The lighting is poor enough to not really notice the colour, especially with the strawberries/whip to cover. I recall the last time I've been there wasn't that amazing either. Don't know, it might've been because I was with good company this time. haha!

@HIH: Not gonna call her the nickname you gave her here ;D

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