Dine Out Vancouver's Street Food City 2012: Re-up BBQ, La Brasserie Street, and Tacofino

Since it's winter and nobody likes to walk around in the rain, Dine Out Vancouver had teamed up with several food carts to form Street Food City at the Vancouver Art Gallery, running from January 23-25, 2012, 11am-3pm.

Gloria (here's her post) and I decided to follow through with our plans and brave the rain today. There were more people than I had expected! (I took the pics above when both the crowd and the rain died down.)  The tables were a brilliant idea! It was so warm and it was nice to have tables for a change, especially covered ones! 

With so many choices, it was tough making food decisions! Gloria was set on trying the bacon explosion sandwich from Re-Up BBQ ($8), which I believe is a special to this DOV event.

To my surprise, the sandwich was filled with "pork meat loaf" stuffed with cheese, back bacon, carmelized onions, all wrapped in bacon and then smoked plus tomato and lettuce. I thought it would be crispy bacon! Still, with the BBQ sauce, it was really flavourful and really and "explosion" (of flavours). I don't usually like raw tomatoes, but I was too lazy to take them out this time, but I actually couldn't really taste it because of the delicious sauce.  Unfortunately, it was sort of small.

On my list was La Brasserie Street! It's been on my wishlist for a year now, but I never get the chance to have it because it's always sold out or closed by the time I get to downtown.  

I finally got to try the brass chicken sandwich ($7)! It was so delicious and lived up to all my expectations.  The beer-brined rotisserie chicken with gravy so creamy and flavourful.  I like how they used chicken breast, but it still wasn't dry.  The gravy reminds me (well, I haven't tried) of Fresh Local Wild's seafood poutine (or what I would imagine it to be after watching Diners, Drive-ins and Dives).  The onions were also quite crispy! This sandwich was a bit bigger than the bacon explosion.  This one is super messy, so I loved that we had tables at this event!

That was not enough for us! We had to try the fish taco ($4.50) from Tacofino.  These aren't really the traditional Mexican taco.  The cod was battered and deep-fried, and reminded me of fish and chips.  Not sure if it was because we split it in half, but it was quite messy with all the sauce dripping everywhere.  I liked it though, since the sauce was tangy and light -- a good way to end our lunch.  The soft tortilla was also a little bit crisp since it was toasted.
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Re-Up BBQ Foodcart
700 Hornby Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 724-0894
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La Brasserie Street
West Georgia St. and Granville St.  
Vancouver, BC
(778) 989-4883
La Brasserie Street (West Georgia & Granville) on Urbanspoon
TacoFino Cantina
Howe St & Robson St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 726-8642
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