Sea Snails & Saba @ Sushi Hachi 鮨八

After some initial planning to meet up with both krispymilk and eatingwithkirby, we found out we all lived in Richmond! Yay for Richmond bloggers! I kinda figured since they have quite a few posts on Richmond, and they knew Richmond pretty well.  Since exams were approaching, we opted to meet somewhere in Richmond.  Sushi Hachi has been on both my own and krispymilk's wishlist for a while.

The restaurant looked pretty empty, but it was early and every table had a reserved sign.
 Operated by an older couple, it seems to be pretty hard to get a table since they are only open Tuesday to Saturday for dinner from 6 to 9pm.  That's only 15 hours per week! We guessed it had to be pretty good to stay in business for so long.

We ordered the saba battera ($14.50) and chopped scallop roll ($3.50).  Sometimes saba can be very fishy, but I liked this one since it was pretty fresh and firm and not that fishy.  Each piece had a shiso leaf in between, which is a leaf apart of the mint family.  The taste of the leaf wasn't that strong but made it quite tasty.  The chopped scallop roll was mostly rice with not a lot of scallop.  The scallop seemed quite fresh though.  I probably wouldn't order this next time just because there was about triple the amount of rice to scallop.

The barbecued sea snail ($4.50) was alright.  There was a bit of charcoal-y taste to them, and they weren't that tough.  They didn't seem to be marinated at all, so the taste was quite subtle besides for the charcoal flavour.

The grilled kanpachi ($5), which Follow Me Foodie raved about, was pretty good.  It kind of depends on whether you are a fan of grilled fish in the first place because krispymilk and kirby aren't huge fans.  I normally like this though and this was good.  The skin was crispy and had a charcoal-y taste once again.  The meat itself was not too firm but good.

The BBQ salmon skin salad ($4.50) had barbecued salmon skin with cucumbers and tobiko.  I'm not a fan of cucumbers, but this was alright because the dressing kind of covered the tastes.  The salmon skin was cold, but I think that goes well with cucumbers since it makes it taste like it's fresh.  It was alright.

We also ordered spicy salmon roll ($3.50), which again did not have a lot of fish in it.  I don't like spicy salmon, so I can't really comment on whether this was that great.

The sockeye salmon nigiri ($1.50 each) was quite good and fresh.  They weren't the huge nigiri sushi that you might find at say, Banzai or something, but this is the traditional size.  It was nicely cut and didn't have a lot of fat to it.  The texture was kind of like that of smoked salmon, and I liked it.

I really liked the amaebi (or prawn) nigiri sushi ($3.50 each).  Amaebi is one of those things I hated as a child but really like now.  It was a bit slimy, yes, like typical ones, but only on the outside.  The prawn itself was firm and not mushy at all.  It was also quite sweet in seafood flavour.  I loved it, but it was a bit pricey.

Overall the food here is pretty solid, but it is pretty expensive considering it's in Richmond (where food can come quite cheap) and the interior is not beautiful.  It feels quite homey and if you really want a full meal here, I don't think it's worth it.  The prices would fall into my "special occasions" price range, but I don't feel like I want to spend a special occasion here.  

Sushi Hachi 鮨八 
8888 Odlin Cres 
Richmond, BC 
(604) 207-2882
Sushi Hachi 鮨八 on Urbanspoon
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Janice! 5 * 3 = 15 not 21! Haha you must be too tired from pulling all-nighters for exams! :P
Is Phnom Penh next on our list?

@krispy: RIGHT. I kinda had a weird feeling and felt compelled to write that I suck at math in that bit but I didn't in the end. Now I know why. hahahaha


I used to come here all the time especially when it first opened many years back.

I think quality kinda varies (during non-peak hours to busy hours). You can see the attention to detail drop drastically.

But overall, the sashimi quality is quite good. and their special miso soup is pretty flavorful!

making me hungry thinking of sushi!!

Krispymilk, that is accounting math for you! :D

yayyy you finally posted! :D:D:D

yes can we do phnom penh next?! pretty please?? :)

@Kirby @krispymilk it's going to be a long wait so you should dress up warmly.

I like how charcoal seems to be common flavour among the food.

@coffeefoodies: yeah, I wouldn't be surprised about the quality dropping since I do believe there is only one chef. Mmm miso soup. I love how something so simple can be so good. I can never make it yummy at home :(

@Kim: I didn't have my calculator handy!

@Kirby: Yes!!!! We're waiting for your schedule!

@Vincent: Yeah, I think it's because the restaurant mainly focuses on sushi and the bbq/charcoal menu is just on the side. Basically you have two categories to choose from, so it's not surprising that there were a few charcoal-y things.

C'mon, make good of Chinese stereotypes! Like you being a bad driver, knowing martial arts and be good at math! On that note, what financial institution you were working again? (Just to be safe!).

Actually, I believe it should be the opposite: If there is only one person (or two) in the kitchen, quality can be more easily monitored compared to when you have a larger operation. What could happen is (a) they have become complacent or (b) customer's don't know better. For example, skills are required for nigiri; not much for maki/rolls. What if most people order rolls instead???

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