Fridays & Steak @ Eh! Restaurant

Since our wallets were not very pleased with us after buying our Feist tickets, I took Kem to Eh! Restaurant since I had a group buy coupon for $20 worth of food.  Besides that, they have Friday Steak Nights, where steak is only $10.95!

The restaurant is actually supposed to be apart of , which is located on Alberni Street, right next to Coast.  It's pretty unnoticeable if you don't look out for it.

The interior was actually surprisingly nice and kind of felt like a pub.  I wish this restaurant were at SFU instead.

The menu (here) had quite a variety of food, though mainly focusing on burgers, sandwiches, and other entrees.  Like I mentioned, Fridays steak day had three different steaks available for $9.50 - $10.95. On Tuesdays, they have a super amazing special where a meal and voucher for a movie is only $14.95!

Kemily ordered the steak and prawns ($10.95) -- two beef tenderloin medallions with garlic prawns served on roasted potatoes, grilled tomatoes and seasonal veggies.  The prawns were alright, but to me they were very insignificant.  They didn't have much flavour to them but they weren't terrible either.  Ironically, she went to Black + Blue, which was pretty much next door, earlier that week.  But looking at this presentation, we were really impressed.  It was well-presented and practically amazing compared to the other cheap steak places I’ve been to.

My peppercorn steak ($10.95) was pretty similar and also had two medallions, but instead of prawns, it came with peppercorn sauce.  The sauce was not bad and I preferred it over the prawns.  Compared to Kingspark’s cheapo steak (I'm trying to provide an example that I’ve posted on), this was the clear winner.  This one was juicier, probably because it was much thicker as well.  Still, it’s not the best steak in the world, but pretty darn good for $11.  The only disappointment I had was that the first medallion was a little bit overcooked for me (kind of medium rather than med-rare), but the second one (above) was just right (even though it sat longer).  

Besides for the steak, the roasted potatoes were also really good and the skins were crisp. The tomatoes actually looked good and I tried to eat half, but I hate raw-ish tomatoes by themselves so I gave up.

Although the steak is not the best in the world, for $11, it’s a really good deal, especially in downtown (yeah, it’s a “cafeteria” but whatever).  Compared to other cheap steaks I’ve tried, this one is really good. (I haven’t ever had the chance to try Brave Bull House of Steaks unfortunately -- I believe Kevin said it's closed now.)

I’ll definitely have to try the movie and dinner meal someday since that’s basically like free food! You know where to find me on Tuesdays next semester. And on Friday mornings, they offer steak and eggs for 6.95! I have class Friday afternoon next semester too, so... yes.

Eh! Restaurant
2/F 1050 Alberni St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 568-9915
Eh! Restaurant on Urbanspoon

And no, this is still a food blog, but I saw Feist that night and she was amazing. Let me relive the past, okay?
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I was across the street staring at this place cause I thought it was a school, so I went to Thierry. Such a good deal! I think I will need to go too, take me with you if you go back!

@Diana: YES! let's go! it's open to everyone :)

I have been to Eh! a couple of times mainly because it was a cheap (sort of) option in the area. Of course, the cost is reflected in the portion size: if you are a heavy eater, you will NOT be full with the regular potion size. But, then again, it is only $12... In Downtown Vancouver! Try getting something from the restaurants beside it: Coast, Black + Blue, Thierry, Kobe, Italian Kitchen. For $12, maybe you get the dessert or an appie with a side of condescension.

Anyway, I have enjoyed my visits because I have low expectations; yet, when hearing/reading from others, they are disappointed for some reason. I guess they don't consider their location and cost as an indicator?

If you look closely at the picture of the counter (your second picture in this post), notice something quite peculiar? As in it looking like a sushi bar? Well, and probably this is before your time, this used to be Chiyoda, a Japanese restaurant. I guess they didn't bother to replace that! :)

I work across the street and go to Eh! occasionally, the restaurant does 'reserve' a few tables for paying customers at lunch, the low tables are used by the students. The Ultimate Eh! burger is a good deal, bacon, cheese, mushroom with fries for about $9. I don't think you can use the groupons on the movie and meal deal.

Kim, Chiyoda? I never had a chance to try it, but when Keg was located where Samba is now, they had an awesome lunch buffet meal for under $10.

I really enjoyed Eh as well! I would go back if it weren't so hard to find parking around the area. The price of parking is like half the cost of the meal...

@BG: Yeah, unfortunately I only got 1 groupon. But the movie deal is a steal regardless. The burger sounds so good. So many things to try there!

@krispy: hahaha yeah that's true. the only reason I can go a lot is because of my upass. Skytraining there is pretty convenient!

@Kim: Yeah, it's kind of ridiculous how people don't take cost into account. How can you compare something like a $30+ steak to a $10 one. Yeah, I probably should've mentioned the portions are not that big in my post, but I thought it was pretty good. I was quite full after the meal.

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