XLB & Pork Chop @ Shanghai Wonderful Restaurant 旺

I was craving Shanghainese food after we were discussing the proper technique of eating a xiao long bao, so instead of Cantonese dimsum, we had Shanghainese dim sum at Shanghai Wonderful. I've only been here once, a few years ago, and it was only because we didn't make any reservations and didn't want to wait at Shanghai River that we came here. In the end, there wasn't really a wait, just a brief wait for them to clean up the table.

First and most important thing to order was the xiao long bao (小籠包). Some people would say that Shanghai Wonderful has one of the best xiao long bao in the Lower Mainland, but I was actually quite disappointed because the broth was way to salty. I couldn’t taste any other flavours. I don't even have any other comments on it because it was so bad, I didn't notice anything else. There was a reasonable amount of broth though. Still, I'll definitely have to satisfy my xlb craving again sometime soon with another Shanghai dim sum meal.

I was also having a dan dan mien (擔擔麵) craving a month ago. I liked how the sauce wasn't too thick and it was a bit more soup-like. Sometimes when it's really thick, it's hard to coat all the noodles evenly. It was a little bit spicy, but not too much and it went nicely with the peanut flavour.

We also ordered the small wontons with pork and vegetable (上海小餛飩) because Shanghai River doesn't actually have the smaller sized wontons. This was pretty good since the skin was very thin and smooth. There was also a lot of small dried shrimp and the fried egg was very thin and perfect.

Last thing we ordered was the fried pork chop on top of rice cake, which we noticed a lot of other tables had. The pork chop was fried quite well without too much batter yet enough to make it crispy. The sauce was absolute to die for. It was a sweet sauce, reminiscent of hoisin sauce but not quite. Whatever it was, with the pork chop and rice cake strips, it was good.

Overall, it was alright. I wasn't a fan of their xlb despite people raving about them. The interior is not as nice compared to Shanghai River, but the prices were about the same.

Shanghai Wonderful Restaurant 旺
8380 Lansdowne Rd
 Richmond, BC
(604) 278-8829
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Yea Shanghai Wonderful's XLB are a bit intense in flavour. I don't particularly like them either, but I know some people like stronger tastes. Have you tried Shanghai Ting? It's tasty and cheap, but located in a food court.


@krispy: yeah! I remember that post. I saw it was still on my wishlist on urbanspoon. I need to go still!
I wouldn't even say Shanghai Wonderful's XLB are "strong in flavour" -- just down right salty :/ but I know Shanghainese people love "strongly flavoured" things.

legendary noodle on denman = best xlb of my life! just sayin <3

Yea one of my coworkers who grew up in shanghai told me that shanghai wonderful's dim sum is pretty authentic/decent, and she said shanghai river is Cantonese style... I always thought shanghai river is very authentic! Personally prefer it way more...

@teacup pig: ooh! thanks for the tip, I have added it on my wishlist :)

@krispy: really? That's interesting since I've been there with Shanghainese people and they say the shao bing and you tiao is close to the real Shanghai stuff. I've been to multiple XLB places in Shanghai, and they're really not as salty as SW from what I recall.

their XLB is not very authentic given its wrong flavor, you're absolutely right about it

@dickr: yay! someone to back me up. I really don't recall XLBs in Shanghai being that salty. thanks for the comment!

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