Waffles & Noodles @ Bubble Waffle Cafe (鷄蛋仔)

Whilst driving home from work, I noticed that the former Yuemicka Noodle House next to Alleluia had changed names to Bubble Waffle Cafe. Since I'm on a bit of a bubble waffle craze lately, I did a bit of research and found Eating With Kirby's post stating that it had just opened and they gave free bubble waffles with a minimum $15 purchase! *The last day was October 30, so I ended up making it just on time for my freebie.*

Arriving there, I was a bit surprised that there were so many people waiting for tables, since it had just opened recently.  I was hoping that the long wait was because it was really good, rather than because of the free bubble waffles.  The store is quite small -- seating around 20 people or so.  It wasn't really cozy and kind of reminded me of the math tutor office I went to when I was younger.  Same plastic chairs, cheap tables, sort of the same carpeting... The floors were quite dirty with food scraps littered over it.

There was a lot of choice, varying from cart noodles to Chiu Chow noodles to teppanyaki, and even hurricane potatoes similar to the ones at the Richmond night market.

Here, the top layer was quite thick and not crispy at all.  It had so many air bubbles in it too, and it kind of reminded me of cake.  Bottom layer was alright.  It was overall a bit soggy because it wasn't aired out long enough before being put in the paper bag.  (Side note: I find places that serve it on a cooling rack do the best.) I was quite unimpressed with the bubble waffle.
The fish puff was alright and obviously of the frozen variety (which is standard).  I have yet to encounter a rice noodle place that serves freshly fried fish puffs, but that's understandable because they are so expensive (like $25 per pound!) They were very generous with the bean curd and mushroom.
The noodles came with drinks, but it was the standard $1 extra for cold drinks.

The first thing to arrive before the noodles was the bubble waffle.  Based on this waffle, I don't know why they would name their store Bubble Waffle Cafe.  I'm not a bubble waffle expert, but this is my criteria for good bubble waffle: top layer has to be thin and a little bit crispy; bottom layer should be chewy and soft.  

In the end, I decided to be boring and got the rice noodles in Chiu Chow fish soup with cuttlefish balls and fish puff (~$7.50 for noodles and drink).  The cuttlefish was kind of horrible -- it didn't have that "crunchy" texture and had a really strong fishy taste to it, rather than a nice subtle cuttlefish flavour.  It was quite similar to the ones at So Hot So Pot (the rice noodle side). Deer Garden Signature still has the best cuttlefish balls from what I know.  

Orlando also got a noodle combo with the same soup, but with ramen instead of rice noodles.  The ramen was sort of like the frozen Nissin types, which I don't mind.  For toppings, he got the Taiwanese sausage and quail eggs.  The quail eggs were a bit too overcooked for my taste, but it might be because they were in the soup for a long time.

I would've given it a 3, since everything was just okay, but since they named it Bubble Waffle cafe, and their bubble waffles are not good, I docked one mark off -- just out of spite. Because parking is a pain here and the restaurant isn't even that nice, I probably won't be heading back here for rice noodles, nor bubble waffles.  If I wanted this pairing for a meal, I'd probably head to Cattle cafe since Kemily keeps saying their bubble waffles are one of the best in Richmond.  (There's another place I have in mind that's better, but.... that's for another post!)

Bubble Waffle Cafe ( 鷄蛋仔)
138 - 8131 Westminster Hwy
 Richmond, BC
(778) 297-1268
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What a shame... I used to go there when it was still Yuemicka. Their bubble waffles and waffle cake used to be quite good. Since the new name is Bubble Waffle Cafe and the menu is pretty much the same, I thought it would be the same kitchen/management, but maybe not?

@krispy: not sure... I never went to Yuemicka. Kirby mentioned how it might be owned by Aberdeen's teppanyaki, though I think the menu looks the same as Deer Gardens. Does the menu now look the same as Yuemicka?
The menu: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/--b7EoQMq-1U/TqOZjLCQFUI/AAAAAAAAA7Q/B_S84TeUEqI/s640/IMG_1625.JPG (stolen from kirby)

Yes very similar. Yuemicka used to have this "select your own toppings" noodles as well. And the specialty used to be bubble waffles too. Have a feeling it's the same management, maybe one of the partners quit so they renamed it?

@krispy: possibly... it might be a ripoff off of everyone else too, since cattle has quite a similar menu.

@Camille: dude, hk bubble waffles are better!!

I went there as well. It's managed by the manager that used to run E-CAFE just next door, upstairs. I had horrible noodles, which was cooked in the water for way too long. There are so many things that went wrong!

Dave / Coffeefoodies

@Dave: Yep, my impression on this place was not that good. Thanks for the info about e-cafe, though do you know if the owner is related to any other rice noodle place? It seems like we're all trying to figure out if they're related to Deer Garden / Yuemicka!

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