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Just a quick post on something that I've always wanted to post about: there's a very small stall at the Pacific Plaza Food Court that serves one of the best beef brisket curry I've had, but it's very unnoticeable because the location is just so bad. No one even goes to Pacific Plaza, except for kids getting tutored in the mall.

By the time I got there at around 5:30pm, they were actually preparing to close. It's pretty understandable since the mall is pretty empty. My mother actually knows the elderly couple who runs the store. She told me that they weren't really that busy, but it would cost too much to break the rental contract. They were actually closed for about two months during the summer since the couple went on vacation. Although they speak Cantonese (and a bit of Mandarin), the stall focuses on Singaporean and Malaysian cuisine.

We always buy the curry beef brisket (~$11 for the large size) to go. I actually haven't tried any of their other food items because (a) there's nothing at Pacific Plaza, so I wouldn't be there anyway unless I purposely went for food, (b) I don't want to sit in the food court because it's so empty, (c) the curry beef brisket is so good, every time I consider getting something else, I just go back to the beef brisket. But actually, I saw a magazine clip-out saying that they had one of the best laksa in Richmond, so I think I will have to ignore all three reasons and go back to have the laksa.

The thick layer of oil on the curry may be daunting at first, but it's too good and I'm not healthy enough to care. I just try to avoid picking that much up. The curry itself is not all that spicy and very unlike the really yellow type of Hong Kong-style curry (common with fish balls), it's really more like what I imagine Malaysian cuisine to be. The flavours and ingredients used are quite similar to laksa, with a sort of chunky sauce. The beef brisket is absolutely amazing and consistently the softest beef brisket I've ever had. Almost each piece almost a 30:70 fat-to-meat ratio, so every piece is very good. The potatoes chunks are also baked before being cooked inside the curry, so they do not fall apart and ruin the consistency of the sauce. I'd like to think that it stops the potatoes from soaking up the oil as well.

Overall, it's very, very good and enough to serve four people. If you're feeling lazy, buy the rice or roti there. If you are able to put a bit of effort (or short on cash), pan-fry some frozen roti from the supermarket and you're good to go for a meal.

Gee! Taste Good
Unit 2200-8888 Odlin Centre
Richmond, BC
(604) 728-7326
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oh man, I must go. I find it hard to find good Asian curry in Vancouver. I'll try the laksa too.

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