Sharp Fin Soup & Crab Claws @ Summer Night Market

Originally I had a few other posts lined up, but I'll have to do this one quickly before the end of the week! That's because this post is on the ever-so-popular Richmond Summer Night Market! This weekend will be the last week before it closes.  I love the night market although I hardly ever buy anything because the stuff there is frankly quite impractical and overpriced.  I still like wandering about and just observing though, and it does bring back some memories of my childhood and my high school era.  After wanting to go for practically the entire summer (I only went once in May), I finally convinced the others to go.  We didn't get too much food though since we were quite full from dinner.

Kem's must have item was curry fish balls, which she bought from Gourmand League.  Usually I see people get the super spicy curry fish balls from Top Wok.  I've tried them before and they are pretty spicy, but I don't like how they're really dry.  This was the only stand that we could find with the "normal" spiciness.  The fishballs here had a very strong sweet flavour to it, kind of like kamaboko but stronger.  Even the curry sauce could not cover the sweetness.  I didn't like it at all.

The item I was most looking forward to was the fake shark fin soup (碗仔翅, $4.50 for small) from Top Wok.  It's not fake like how China made fake eggs look real -- instead, this is blatantly fake and contains no shark fin or anything that really tries to pose as shark fin. Their sign actually says "sharp fin soup", which I'm pretty sure is not a typo but rather, a lame and funny play on words.  ("Fin" in Chinese is a homonym with a word that means prick.)

I haven't always had the best experience with this in the past, though I have to get this every visit because I don't know where I can get it regularly.  This is one of the things that will for sure sell out by 11:00pm! Last visit, this was very thick and kind of gluey.  But this time, it was very delicious, both Kem and Doro agreed.  The thickness was just right this time around and there was a very strong mushroom taste.  Combined with the pork base, the jelly ear (木耳) gave a nice crunch, and the vermicelli was perfect in length.  I highly suggest you go to Top Wok for your sharp fin soup, since they have been the original ones to bring this soup.

I also got the crab claws from Vietnamese Delicious, as suggested by Gloria of I'm Busy EatingThey were really a steal at $5 for a whopping seven pieces! They were pretty small but still a good deal considering siu mai and other food were around the same price.  I had originally expected it to be a bit different, where crab paste was put onto the claws and then fried.  I don't really know why I was thinking that because that's Cantonese cuisine, not Vietnamese.  Instead, you could actually see the separations of the crab meat.  It was alright.  I like the Cantonese style crab claw better, but those are expensive.

Another point of pushing this post out first before the other ones was to ask for other recommendations! I'll probably be heading back this weekend because I really want to have the sharp fin soup again! Give me some recommendations, and if you're there this weekend, give me a shout on Twitter!

Summer Night Market 夏日夜市
12631 Vulcan Way
Richmond, BC
(604) 278-8000
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Hey Janice,

Haha, try the turkey leg! I heard it was good, but I haven't gone back to try it yet =)


@Peter: I think it was me who said that! I went Saturday but most of the stalls were closed and I didn't get my sharp fin soup because they sold out. I was so sad!!

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