Ramen & MSG @ Yuu Japanese Tapas

Since it was a Friday, we decided to head out of the office and into a more central part of Richmond for lunch.  One of our coworkers had Yuu Japanese Tapas in mind, since G-men had closed.  This was my first trip to Yuu and honestly, I never wanted to try it before and probably wouldn't have tried it if my coworker hadn't insisted.  There was never anything that really attracted me, and the exterior never really attracted me, especially when Gyo-o is in the same mall.  Gyo-o has a much more Japanese feel to it, and is Japanese-run, whereas this is Chinese-run.  I'm really shallow like that sometimes.

Despite my own hesitation to try this place out, there were actually quite a lot of people there by the time our food had arrived.  Mind you, it took a while since they said that something inside their kitchen was broken, so there were just a lot of people sitting around waiting for food.  I thought it was kind of unprofessional that they didn't tell us beforehand when we arrived since there were already some people waiting around.  Of course, you can't really expect restaurants to do that -- I don't think they would really tell customers to leave, right?

They served us small complimentary dishes as a thank you for us waiting.  And by small, I mean really small.  There were three to four pieces of a few different things, such as ginger and radish.  There were four of us, so they should've at least given us four pieces of the ginger.  I was unimpressed.

Finally, our ramen came.  I was the only one to get the miso ramen ($9), and everyone else got the shio.  It didn't have that strong of a miso taste to it, nor was it overly salty. The soup was alright.  The noodles weren't that great and were not firm enough for my taste.  I hate to say this, but it kind of reminded me of the frozen instant ramen noodles.  You may or may not know of my love for onsen tamago, and I actually found this one to be a bit undercooked.  I liked more gel-like consistencies for the yolk, and this one was a bit too liquidy for me.  The chashu was not bad and had some fat to it, so it wasn't tough at all.  This was the only thing that made me not hate the ramen.

On the way back to the office, I was already feeling a bit thirsty.  I ended up drinking four glasses of water and still feeling thirsty.  I'm not one to drink that much soup because I know that there is MSG in it, so I usually just pick up the noodles with the chopsticks.  If this still led to an MSG thirst-attack, I definitely cannot see myself going back to this place.

In terms of ramen, I definitely won't be heading back here for it.  Not only is it not cheap for Richmond prices, but there's a Japanese-run restaurant (Gyo-o) right across from it.  I've heard good things about their ramen! As for other food, I'd probably go to another restaurant too since there are quite a few izakayas around Richmond now, such as Nan-chuu.

Yuu Japanese Tapas (Continental Centre)
1111 - 3779 Sexsmith Road
Richmond, BC
(604) 214-7722
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This place doesn't even look worthy to be called a "tapa", which I'm assuming they're trying to be an Izakaya type place.

@HIH: Yeah I think they're "trying" but not trying very hard.

Oh and I was planning to try this place because of the coupon from Klip. Guess I won't be trying it now... :P

@kripsymilk: I didn't get Klip for September! Boo! But I realize it's October now.. haha. Was the coupon for ramen? MAYBE the other things are okay...? Though honestly I'd just head over to Gyo-o if I had to choose something from that mall.

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