Roast Beef & Mashed Potatoes @ Eagles Buffet

Before our trip to the states, I had asked Buddha Girl whether the Eagles Buffet at the Tulalip Casino was okay, and she said that the food wasn't really to their tastes -- but it was still worth a try.  With that in mind, we still went there since we never actually had the buffet there before.

There was a short line for the buffet, and we ended up waiting around 25 minutes or so.  The picture above was taken a whiles after, but we joined the end of the line near the person with the burgundy sweater. Dinner on all days except Tuesdays, are $18.95, with a discount for those 50 and above.  Tuesdays are seafood night at $24.95.  How come I read some other bloggers' posts and they say its $10.99? Was that for lunch or dinner? Did they increase the price that much? 

The Eagles Buffet is not very separate from the casino itself, unlike Salt and Pepper Cafe at Starlight Casino.  This means you can practically see the slot machines over the short divider and you will smell smoke.  Not that appetizing, but it was bearable.

Salad bar
I didn't try any fancy stuff at the salad bar -- just some basic veggies in a miserable attempt to balance out my diet a bit.

Chinese food, including sweet and sour pork, fried rice, and noodles
I didn't even bother with the Chinese food area.

Seafood selection was not that great
The seafood selection was not that great -- it was pretty much limited to crab legs and very small shrimp.  I think there was probably something on those pieces of lettuce there in the middle, but they ran out.  The crab legs were very skinny and didn't have much meat.  The shrimp were also very small and not very fresh either.

This was probably what really sold it to me (not the ham up front, but the roast beef on the back).  It was pretty tender and juice and there was enough fat to it.  I actually didn't try the ham because I'm not a fan -- ham is too salty.  The salmon which was also in the carving section was also pretty good, but it was really the roast beef really was my favourite.  There was also pot roast (above, with the carrot slices), but that was a bit tougher and definitely not as tender.  I also got the mashed potatoes because they're one of my favourite foods in the world.  I swear buffets make them super tasty so you'll get more and be more full.

I didn't bother with the pizzas either.

They also have a Mongolian grill, where you can pick your vegetables, meat, and noodles to be stir-fried right in front of you.  I didn't order it, but this was my papa's.  Although it smelled really good, I had a taste and it was rather bland.

And the best part -- desserts! I have to admit I didn't try a lot because I was really full by the time I went for it.  I did try the cheesecake though and it wasn't as hard as I had expected (more cheese!) I didn't try anything else, sadly.  They also have an ice cream bar. Included in the $18.95 are drinks, where you can choose from coffee, tea, or pop.

Although the food isn't the best in the world, I'd be happier eating this than AYCE sushi probably.  $18.95 is pretty much the standard price of AYCE in Richmond and Vancouver as well, though if it really was $10.99 before, I'm surprised that so many people still come because there were actually a lot of locals.  Sometimes when I'm craving mashed potatoes, I can't really think of any other place that serves better mashed potatoes than at buffets.  However, I have to note that after the meal, I was feeling kind of depressed that I ate so much food.  To prove that I'm not crazy: my friend went to this buffet recently and she had the same feeling too.  (Unless we're both crazy.)

Eagles Buffet
10200 Quil Ceda Blvd
Tulalip, WA
(360) 651-1111
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Haha, I'm a sucker for mashed potatos as well! I always pile it on, and the pasta as well, and drown the whole thing in gravy or whatever sauce they have. My parents, especially my mother, used to always complain when I stuffed myself with mashed potatos and skip the "expensive food", haha. Typical Chinese mother, lol!

I always like roast beef at a buffet as well. If you like this sort of thing, check out Uncle Willy's....good price, okay food.

I just ate at the Pacific Buffet onboard a from Victoria to Tsawwassen, which was about the same price point and tasted pretty good....awesome roast beef and deserts.

My favorite part about the buffet there is the huge assortment of desserts. Their ice cream/gelato is surprisingly, pretty good.
On my last trip, I had a "salmon & roast beef overdose" and I felt miserable afterwards!
Good thing there's outlets beside it to walk it off.

@Peter: Uncle Willy's! Oh dear, I haven't visited that place since...the 90's? Maybe I'll go back just for old times sake.

$11 is for lunch, not dinner. However, regardless of the price, $11 or $19, I have never been to Tulallip Casinos because, well, I am sick of buffet in the US (try living in a casino for one week and the nearest "town" is ~100Km away).

What you described about smoking is one of those odd things that still catch me off guard when I am travelling to the US or abroad. When I was in Mexico, I decided not to stay at a restaurant after finding out they didn't have a no smoking section and the fact it was raining and had a plastic tarp covering the open area didn't help (did I mention no AC?). Likewise, in the US, a lot of places still smell like smoke... As for smoking in casinos, or, in the case of some casinos in the US, because it is located in Indian reserves, some US laws do not apply so people can smoke indoors.

Peter, you have disgraced your ancestors!

Gloria, I mentioned Uncle Willy's to the folks at Food for Buddha. You guys should go a get together at Uncle Willy's on a Saturday night for whatever they roasted, plus fried chicken plus their rotisserie chicken!

@Peter: Seriously, buffets have the smoothest and softest mashed potatoes ever! And the gravy is just to die for! Wow was that on a ferry? That's fancy! I haven't taken the ferry in years! Also, I haven't been to Uncle Willy's since it closed 10+ years in Richmond. I didn't even know it was a franchise / chain until I saw it in Burnaby a few years ago.. hahaha

@Gloria: Yes! I think next time I will plan ahead and have more desserts! Totally agree about the "overdose". I went on a Sunday, so the outlets were closed by the time dinner was finished! There's always Walmart to walk around in though...!

@KimHo: Oh, yeah I thought that the $11 was for lunch! Yeah, it's actually been a few years since I've had a buffet. I suspect they encouraged smoking in the casino so everybody would have less appetite, thereby reducing costs!

Hey, we should all go to Uncle Willy's together sometime! None of my friends want to go with me, but I do get a craving once in a while. Janice and I will eat lots of mashed potatos and I will take lots of pictures to torment my mother.

@Peter: Go organize something! Actually not for a while, I just had mashed potatoes in the States yesterday... hahaha! I must pace myself so I don't get cravings that often!

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