Good Music & Long Waits @ Twisted Fork

After a successful brunch at Café Medina, we decided to do brunch again, this time at Twisted Fork Bistro. It's only open for brunch on weekends and holidays, and they don't take reservations. We came on BC Day, and it was still a pretty long wait, especially for a table of three. They have many small tables to seat two people, so a few pairs that came later than us got their tables much quicker. After a thirty minute wait and we got in, we noticed that some larger tables were occupied by tables of two. Kind of frustrating, when you see those pairs just taking all the time in the world, when there are very limited larger tables.

The restaurant itself was very cosy and cute, and they played good music (like Modest Mouse)!

Kem and I both got the eggs benny served with sauteed spinach, rosti, and baked beans ($12) -- I chose the avocado as filling, whereas Kem stuck with the traditional ham. The avocado was really creamy, yet light at the same time since it had some lemon juice with it. Combined with eggs, this was a very good pair. The brioche was definitely a better alternative to the traditional English muffin and it was very .  I stole some ham from Kem to add to my avocado benny, and it was even better.  Kem, a self-proclaimed eggs benny lover, said it was really good and agreed the brioche was amazing.  She actually came back a while after to have this again.  I also really liked the spinach and rosti.  Restaurants seem to love giving a little bunch of spinach, and I don't know why, I love eating it too.  The rosti was fresh and crispy, but I wasn't a huge fan of the baked beans.  Doro and Kem liked it though.

Doro ordered the bacon, caramelized onion and brie frittata filled with potato and fresh basil, served with fresh greens and sweet corn relish ($12).  I really liked it because there was a lot of cheese and it was pan-fried perfectly.  I'll probably order this on my next visit!  (Edit: When Kem came back, she also ordered this as well, and it wasn't as good as we had remembered, unfortunately.)

I like eggs benny, but I don't love it.  If Kem says it was amazing, trusting from her experience, I'm sure it was.  Personally, I did like Cafe Medina more but it was a bit more expensive.  I'm still really tempted to come back for the frittata, and also on a Tuesday night, since they have mussels Tuesdays, which I found out from Robin of eatingwithROBINLEUNG.  Do expect a wait though, since the restaurant is quite small!

Twisted Fork Bistro
1147 Granville St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 568-0749
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This place is on my wish list! Must try soon... :)
So would you recommend avocado benny or frittata?

@krispy: hmm!!! what are you a fan of? do you have any preferences? I *might* just have thought the frittata was good because I'm one of those people who wants what they can't have... hahaha! For first time, I'd say go with the benny, since it is pretty solid!

But actually, Kem went back (again) and everyone ordered the benny, except hers came with much less sauce than everyone else, so she asked for more.. and in the end they charged her $3!! Ridiculous! She said it wasn't that great anymore :(

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