Grilled Cheese & Bacon @ Taser Grilled Cheese

At the Live at Squamish music festival, I was absolutely ecstatic when I found the Taser Grilled Cheese cart.  Not only have I been meaning to try it, but their sandwiches were one of the least expensive things there -- with most of the food items ranging from $8 to $10.  Their cart is usually at Main and Terminal, Tuesdays to Sundays.

They have three different sandwiches to choose from: the Classic, So Gouda, and Jelly Veg.

I ended up choosing So Gouda ($6), which I found out, according to the food cart special on 24, was their specialty.  Although the grilled cheese sandwich sounds to be a simple food item, this one here was not simple at all.  Besides for the Havarti Gouda cheese, there were bacon strips, apple Slices, raisins and hot mustard.  The bread was really amazing, seeing as it was authentically grilled.  Although there was quite a bit of cheese, there wasn't as much of the other filling -- I half expected this since they are selling grilled cheese sandwiches, not other sandwiches with cheese.  I really enjoyed it and was totally ecstatic I got to try it at Squamish, since I'm never around the area they normally sell them.  As a little bonus, they also have a few potato chips inside the foil bag as well!

$6 for a grilled cheese sandwich seems a bit pricey, but at Squamish, I felt like it was a steal.  They also have the classic for $3 which is really quite reasonable, even not at Squamish.  Also, although you could theoretically make this at home, would you actually start your grill and make them?  Probably not.

Taser Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
Main Street & Terminal Avenue
Vancouver, BC
(604) 448-2121
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If you are all the way in Squamish and want grilled cheese sandwich, the other option is Grilled Fromage. Not cheap, though, but they are good with some really interesting combinations.

@hipster: took a long while to post up, but it's finally here :)

@KimHo: Honestly, I probably won't be in Squamish for a long time, but thanks for the recommendation

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