Chicken & Buns @ Bun Me Baguette

Originally I had planned to try La Brasserie after reading the special feature on 24, but I ended up going to Bun Me Baguette because I got hungry and a bit too lazy to walk back the other way.  More on the 24 special: every Friday, they feature one or two food carts in a weekly article, and I believe they're going to run at least six more weeks on this.  Sadly, I just found out about this! Anyways, I've heard of Bun Me Baguette for a while and wanted to try it at Vancouver 125 Live, but I already had my Hubbub Sandwich.  I have a knack for (semi-)cheesy names, if you didn't figure out.

Bun Me Baguette is permanently located outside Peak Performance and Bang On, which are between HMV and the Vancouver Art Gallery on Robson.  If you don't see them, that means they either ran out or they're doing a special event somewhere.

There are only two choices on the menu: lemongrass chicken or lemongrass tofu.  It wasn't that hard for me to make a decision, since I'm not a fan of tofu.

The lemongrass chicken baguette ($5.50) was a pretty typical Vietnamese baguette.  I usually order pork baguettes, so I'm not quite sure how this compares to other places.  The meat here was not just chicken breast, which may potentially would have resulted in a very dry sandwich.  Instead, it seemed more like it was small pieces from the drumstick part, which was quite tender.  There was a nice lemongrass flavour to it overall.  The baguette was actually pretty big -- I felt like it was actually bigger than the ones I've tried at Vietnamese restaurants.  For $5.50 (which is actually a pretty standard price for baguette), it's practically a steal for a a full meal in that area (not including drink that is).

Bun Me Baguette
Robson St and Hornby St
Vancouver, BC
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