Cheesecake Fantasy & Strawberry Blonde @ Cold Stone Creamery

After our meal at Quattro, since we were around the area, we went to Cold Stone Creamery. I've actually never been to Cold Stone before -- just Marble Slab. There aren't that many Cold Stones in GVR, and it seems like Marble Slab has an upperhand in locations. This one is kind of out of way for me since I'm practically never in Kits, but it's good for UBC students I guess (and also good for my health)!

The Canadian Cold Stone is actually owned by Tim Hortons, and this particular store is one store split into both Tims and Cold Stone. I thought this was kind of unfortunate because you definitely don't get the feeling of heading into an ice cream shop. Instead, you get the common motifs and decor of a normal Tim Hortons.

They did do an excellent job of making the Cold Stone "area" happier though.

Anyways, ice cream has been on my mind lately and we were discussing the difference between Marble Slab and Cold Stone. The reason why we came to this one was because a buy one get one free coupon surfaced a day after we had discussed the differences! Apparently, there are supposed to be two of them circulating around because our coupon was for the medium "love it" size. The different sizes were a small "like it", medium "love it", and a large "gotta have it".

As apart of the coupon deal, we had to get a mix from their signature collection, and we agreed on the cheesecake fantasy, made out of cheesecake ice cream mixed in with strawberries, blueberries, and graham cracker crumbs (~$4.75, love it size). I actually really liked the cheesecake ice cream, but then again, anything cheesecake makes me happier. It was overall pretty good, except for some graham crumbs that were huge and more like crackers than crumbs.  As you can see, we JUST got the ice cream and it was already starting to melt quite a bit.  Maybe their stone isn't quite cold enough? By the end of the ice cream, it was really, really sweet (and melted) so we couldn't finish it.

For the other signature creations, we got the our strawberry blonde, a strawberry ice cream with strawberries, graham cracker crumbs, caramel, and whipped topping mixed in ($4.75, love it size). YES, whipped topping. As if ice cream doesn't make me feel fat enough, they mixed in whipped topping.  I actually don't really know what the point of this is (other to fatten you up).  I doubt it actually makes it more fluffy, or does it? This one was okay, but I liked the cheesecake more. This one melted a LOT faster than the cheesecake too, maybe because of the whipped topping.  This one was a lot sweeter than the cheesecake fantasy because of the caramel.

We also ordered the coffee ice cream ($3.20, love it size) to share between the three of us. This one was definitely the slowest to melt because it didn't have any mixin's. It was actually quite good I think. I haven't had coffee ice cream in a long time, and it makes me want more! I thought it was pretty good.

The buy one get one coupon definitely sweetened the deal, but I'm not sure if I would pay $5+ for "ice cream".  I mean, I'll happily pay that for "gelato", but ice cream with stuff mixed in it is sort of gimmicky to me.  PLUS they didn't toss the ice cream in the air when tossing it -- yes I just said ice cream with stuff is gimmicky, I'll call myself out as a hypocrite for this statement.  In Shanghai, I was quite impressed that they were really happy and tossing ice cream at the Cold Stone there, but people here weren't as eager.  (I went to the Metrotown one shortly after this visit, and they weren't that happy either.)  Besides for the price, the ice cream here was overly sweet, but this may have been the fault of the mix-ins.

Cold Stone Creamery
4401 West 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC
(604) 221-5011
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