Pasta & $10 @ Q4 Ristorante

We've been wanting to go to Quattro for quite some time now, since my aunt told me that they had their pasta specials on Monday and Tuesday for $10. They used to serve it from Sunday to Tuesday, but it now applies only to Monday and Tuesdays. Since we were going to be in Vancouver for a show on a Monday night, we finally had an excuse to go eat at West 4th on a Monday.

The restaurant itself is very fancy and kind of upscale. However, it's hard to keep an upscale restaurant like this running, which is why, I think, they have to implement $10 pasta nights. They also have taken apart of a Groupon. However, I did notice some people ordering from the "normal" menu.

To share, we ordered the carpaccio carciofi shaved beef tenderloin with a lemon and artichoke aioli garnished with asiago chips ($13.95). The beef was sliced so thin that it was hard to pick up with our forks. We ended up bunching slices together and taking it from there. I really liked the aioli with the beef! The asiago chips also gave the dish a nice crunch, and Kem agreed, though Camille thought they were like corn flakes.

After much contemplation, I finally decided on the spaghetti Q4 ($10). When I ordered, the waiter scared me and said that it was really spicy, but it was the best pasta they had! This made me hesitate but I decided to go through with it since I need to train my taste buds.  It was actually not spicy at all! I felt kind of proud! But really, it was just garlicky, so I guess that was what he meant by spicy. There isn't really a description of what's inside the spaghetti quattro, but it is mainly garlicky tomato sauce with minced pork or pork sausage, and black beans. Being a lover of all things garlic, I really liked the sauce, even though I prefer cream sauces over tomato. The sauce didn't even have any sour tones at all.

I'm not a huge fan of minced pork, so I ended up eating most of the pasta by itself -- plus it's really hard to pick up both spaghetti and pork at the same time! I would comment on the addition of black beans, but the garlicky sauce basically covered up the taste. I think that the sauce is a bit based from black bean though.

Camille's garganelli arrabiata ($10, duh) with pancetta, mushrooms, fresh tomatoes and peperoncino, was also supposed to be "spicy", according to the waiter. It was fine for us though, again. The tomato based sauce was a bit garlicky as well but definitely not as much as mine. It was a bit more sour and had stronger tomato flavour.

Kem's fusilli con rucola (yes, $10) handmade fusilli with shaved beef tenderloin, arugula, fresh tomato and parmigiano reggiano.  I remember I actually liked this a lot, but I didn't try too much of it because I could tell Kem really liked it.  

For a $10 dinner with huge portions, I will definitely head back to Q4 on a Monday or Tuesday.  Now that I know about this deal, I don't think I could ever justify going there on other days of the week for pasta. I'll probably give the fusili con rucola a try next time, that is after I try the spaghetti bolognese because I want to try real Italian style bolognese.

2611 W 4th Ave
Vancouver, BC
(604) 734-4444
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@Kevin: Agreed! I will no longer quiver when they tell me it's spicy! I CAN HANDLE IT!!

Alright, let's go to that Szechuan spicy hot pot place at Kingsway & Joyce. :)

I wouldn't mind going back for another meal! :) Or perhaps we should go to Portebello, SEEING AS HOW I HAVE DISCOUNT!

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