Portobello & Curry @ Rangoli

Since we had to drop Camille on Granville, we decided to have an early dinner at Rangoli, which is just right next door to Vij's.  This past summer, Kem had been mentioning this place everytime we drove by.  It's owned by Vij's, but this one is more casual and not as expensive.  Besides for serving as a restaurant, they also sell frozen foods as well.  We ended up sitting outside because the weather was quite nice.

Since it was an early dinner, I wasn't that hungry and didn't feel like eating much meat.  Camille and I both ordered the portobello mushroom and red bell pepper curry on paneer with beet salad and naan ($13.50), which also had red bell peppers in it, with a side of naan bread.  Being a fan of mushrooms, I really liked this dish.  The curry was fragrant and mild and I thought it went quite well with the mushrooms.  Kem, who doesn't really like mushrooms, agreed that it was quite good.  The peppers were a bit softer than I would've preferred, but they were not overly mushy.  After some debate and investigation, we found out the paneer is actually cheese.  The texture was crumbly like feta, but it didn't have that much flavour to it, so I wasn't sure if it was actually a type of tofu.  It added a nice touch to the curry dish.  The naan bread was absolutely delightful.  It was very doughy and stretchy, kind of like pizza dough.  I didn't really like the beet salad, which reminded me of coleslaw, on the side because it was a bit too sour for me.

Kem ordered the lamb in cumin and light cream curry ($14.50).  The meat was quite tender and not tough at all, and the curry was very fragrant.  I liked it very much.  Her naan bread was a bit different from ours -- it was much least "yeasty" and stretching and was actually a bit drier.  We concluded that it was because our portobello curry was healthier than her meat so they gave us a less healthy naan bread.

This was actually my first time eating Indian cuisine in a real restaurant! I had previously tried this cuisine in food courts, and my impression was definitely not the most ideal.  However, I liked this restaurant very much and the meal was at quite a reasonable price (compared to Vij's).

1488 W 11th Ave
Vancouver, BC
(604) 736-5711
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Nice! Thanks for posting about this place. I was always thinking of trying Vij's, but the prices kept me from visiting.

I agree, the naan bread is yummy.
Vij's was pricey but I love the free mini appetizers and chai tea they give out.
I can't handle traditional Southern Indian food, too spicy for me!

@Peter: Awesome! I'm glad to be of service!

@Gloria: Too spicy for you?! I don't think I should even go for that haha! Mmm chai tea is delicious

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