Gelato & Twist Cones @ Costco's version

After a discussion with the Buddha Girl of Food For Buddha, I really wanted to give the new Costco gelato a try.  Although recently introduced, I had seen it a couple of times and was always attracted by the insanely low price.  After a day of wandering Vancouver, Camille and I made our way from Bridgeport station to Costco just for the gelato.

For $1.99, you get three scoops to mix and match different flavours.  That being said, there are actually only three flavours to choose from.  

We both chose one of each, which included the vanilla with chocolate chip, chocolate hazelnut, and lemon sorbet.  The "gelato" felt really more like ice cream to use than gelato.  I felt they were all overly sweet and one order could induce diabetes in both of us.  The portions were massive! We should've just shared one because we couldn't really finish.  I saved the lemon sorbet for last because I though that one was the best, but that was big mistake because it ended up being really sour.  Despite the cheap price, I wouldn't really recommend this to most people, except for maybe children because they like ice cream. (Disclaimer: don't blame me if your kid gets really high on sugar.)

I went to Costco again to do some grocery shopping and decided to give the twist cone a try.  This was my absolute favourite thing from McDonald's that I wish they would bring back.  Also for $1.99, this thing was also huge, like how everything at Costco is big and in bulk.  This was kind of a let down too because once again, by the end of the cone I felt like I was going to have a sugar attack.  It was also a bit disappointing because there wasn't much chocolate flavour to the chocolate side.  What's the point then? The cone was also super sweet and I didnt even bother eating it after a little try.

Overall, both the frozen dessert options at the Costco food area were disappointments.  I recall the poutine being okay, but I really should give it another try before I judge.

Costco Food Court
9151 Bridgeport Road
Richmond, BC
(604) 270-3647
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The cone is $1.99, not $2.99; which easily beats McD's $1.39 puny serving. But, then again, Costco is not necessarily the most accessible of places... Oh, remember I mentioned the lemon "gelato" was bad! :)

("gelato" between quotes because, just as you mentioned, it is more on lines of ice creams. But, then again, most people don't care about that).

@KimHo: oops, total typo! Back when the twist cone was still at McD's it was less than a dollar! (I think.) Good thing about Costco food area is that you don't need a Costco member card to get in. I still like McD's more, from what I remember of it!

Yeahhhh I went before I saw your comment about the lemon!

it is $1.99 no tax.the but Costco twist cone is so much biger and better . even the Costco fries for a large is only $2.29.

P.S Costco is so much better then McD's

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