Portuguese & Tomato @ Bauhinia 洋紫荊

Since we had to go to 7-11, we went to Bauhinia for lunch.  Isn't it lame that you actually have to go out of way to find a convenient store? I miss Hong Kong, where 7-11's were truly convenient.  Anyways, back to the food.

I would say Bauhinia is sort of a high-end cha chaan teng.  Whereas the prices for most cha chaan tengs such as Allelua and Kingspark are around $7-9, Bauhinia's prices tend to hover around the $10 mark.  I remember this used to be on Saba Road next to the Canada Post, before that area became a condo.  Speaking of which, I think this restaurant is owned by the same owner as La Amigo as well, because I recall the 老闆娘 (owner) of both being very mean.  Anyways, she doesn't tend to Bauhinia anymore.  

Although the prices of Bauhinia are a bit higher, their meals actually come with soup, which you normally have to pay an extra $1.50 for anyway.  It's just a way of forcing you to get the soup.  However, they do charge $1 extra for cold drinks still, unlike Alleluia.

Usually I would get the cream soup, but knowing the portions here were pretty big, I didn't want to stuff myself.  I got the borsht soup instead.  It was good and pretty typical, though there weren't that many vegetables inside.  Instead, the cream of mushroom soup my mother got had a LOT of mushrooms.  Usually these cream soups at cha chaan tengs are just all liquid with barely anything inside.  It was really smooth and creamy too.  By the way, does anyone know the recipe to make cha chaan teng cream soup?

Being a fan of baked rice at cha chaan tengs, I ordered the baked Portuguese style chicken with rice ($9.95).  I'm really more of a fan of white sauces (hurrah for empty calories!) but I wanted to change it up a bit.  I definitely liked how they separated the rice and the sauce.  I've tried this at Allelua a few times and everytime the rice is literally drowning in the sauce.  This way, you get control of how much sauce you want with the rice, which I think is especially important for a sauce like this, which isn't very thick.  The sauce was also piping hot when it came to the table -- it was still bubbling! Portuguese sauce is a curry based sauce made with coconut milk, so it is fairly mild.  The chicken was all de-boned, but still had some skin to it, which was perfectly fine by me.  The potatoes were also baked prior to putting them in the sauce, so they didn't fall apart.

I also tried a bit of the baked pork loins cutlet on fried rice ($9.95).  The rice, sauce, and pork cutlet came together, but this is typical and fine since the sauce is much thicker than that of the Portuguese chicken rice.  The rice was already stir fried with egg prior to baking or 炒底, which I definitely approve off.  Not only does this extra step show special care of the dish, but it makes the rice more fragrant and prevents it from clumping together.  I only tried one piece of pork, so I can't comment much.  The sauce was pretty good though, I think.

For the drink, I ordered milk tea, so I could make more contributions to Project Milk Tea.  

Bauhinia offers pretty good food in comparison to other restaurants.  It's not as loud and crowded, but it does come at a price.  However, the price ends up to be the same as other places if you were to order a soup.  Great for those with a bigger appetite, not so great if you don't.  I prefer the pork chop rice over the Portuguese chicken rice, so I'll have order that one for myself next time.

Bauhinia (洋紫荊)
8360 Granville Avenue
Richmond, BC
(604) 248-2887
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I'm really more of a fan of white sauces (hurrah for empty calories!)

Just to be safe... which white sauces??? I hope you are not referring to those where you add dairy!

^ I thought you were gonna say something else Kim....

Hey cool, another place to try! Been looking for an alternative to Alleluia, just to change it up a bit. Thanks for posting!

Kevin, take your mind of the gutter, you bastard...

@KimHo/Kevin: Did I just walk myself right into that one?! D:

@Peter: Yeah! I've been tired of Alleluia as well, plus parking is a pain there. Actually, it's only slightly better here

Mine was a basic question: are you referring to sauces where they add milk or cream? If so, those tend to have higher caloric count compared to, say, a tomato sauce. However, Kevin, being the dirty minded bastard he is, completely twisted the meaning.

I know what you meant, but come on you thought the same thing as well...you're friends with Sherman, it has to rub off. ;)

@Kim/Kevin: Hahahahaha oh man this post.
(I'm not a huge fan of tomato sauces, cream soup and cream sauces are better imo. I hope this comment doesn't lead to more.... uh off-topic thinking...hahah)

That's strange, Vince and I went to a Bauhinia close to the airport, behind Canadian Tire (I think in Union Square in Richmond?). It was AWESOME, but is this another location or a different restaurant?

@Ronald: Was it a HK style cafe? I think there used to be an HK style cafe with a similar name at Bubble World's current spot. Don't remember what it's called though....

@Ronald: I think I know which one you're talking about -- Golden Bauhinia is a new restaurant that replaced the newer Ho Yuen. The one in my post is an HK style cafe :)

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