Cheese & Burgers @ Vera's Burger Express

Vera's Burger finally opened in Richmond! If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that there was a coupon in the local Richmond newspaper for $5 off at Vera's until June 30.  And this was with no minimum purchase! Thanks mom, for actually going through the Richmond Review and Richmond News!

This unit used to be owned by Triple O's, and I guess they didn't get enough business.  I think they had the Tuesday specials everyday almost.  I honestly don't know how Vera's would fair in Aberdeen Centre.  It's such an Asian place, so it's kind of weird eating burgers in such an Asian style food court.  (By the way, did you know I wrote a 4000 word paper on Aberdeen Centre in high school? It discussed the Asian-ness of Aberdeen.  I thought you would like to know.)

Vera's kept the SHAKES BURGERS FRIES lettering on the walls, but they painted the walls orange.  I was kind of surprised they were allowed to do this, seeing as the other stalls don't have their walls painted.

I got the cheese burger (~$7).  I love how it actually looks like how they advertise it to be on their walls.  Unlike Mcdonald's with their always perfect looking and smooth buns, Vera's presents it the way it is.  The sloppiness kind of contributes to it feeling like it's made from scratch and not all processed like other fast food chains.  The bun wasn't one of those weak hamburger buns that felt like sponge cake.  However, I wish it were grilled or at least warm.

I was pleasantly surprised they used grated cheese rather than processed cheese slices.  Not only does this shout UNPROCESSED to me, but I've actually learned to use grated cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches from Good Eats (the show with Alton Brown, who is a genius by the way).  It just doesn't make sense to use any other type of cheese!  I like Vera's because they grill the patties fresh.  The first bite into the burger was really good, with the really juicy patty.  It's slightly pink on the inside, which I love.   According to their site, their "6 ounce burgers are made fresh to order and served slightly pink. Because of that, they take a little longer"."

On a sort of unrelated note, I went to Yaohan afterwards and saw they had a hamburger cake… with real lettuce!

Overall, I really like Vera's and I approve of this new store.  This one is up to par with the other ones, though it doesn't exactly have the same feel to them -- being located in an Asian food court.  It does provide an alternative for me for drinks though, since I'm not exactly a fan of pop. Iced lemon tea Hong Kong style and hamburgers do go together! (Sorta.)  Also, they were totally friendly and cool about the coupon, and I got a Vera's burger for $2! Yay!

Vera's Burger Shack Express (Aberdeen Centre)
4151 Hazelbridge Way
Richmond, BC
(778) 840-0552
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Would love to read of your 4000 word paper if yuo care to share! :-) Ben

+1 on this 4000word paper on Aberdeen.

Seriously? I struggled to write a 2500 word essay on...competition or something in highschool haha.

Hahaha!! I didn't know my paper would generate this much interest. It's honestly not that high quality considering it was written when I was in high school ;D

About chesse in a burger, it depends on the cheese. If it is something like regular cheddar or mozzarella (really?), sliced is fine. If it is sharp cheddar, grated! That aside, specially if you make your own patties, there is one other option: Jucy (sic) Lucy!

In the instances I have been to Aberdeen, Triple O's (and now Vera's) in Aberdeen serves me of a reminder that I am in Vancouver, not Hong Kong v2.

I'm glad the Aberdeen location is decent. I went to the Granville location and had the most horrible experience ever. The patty was overcooked and hard as a rock and the bun was cold. AND they actually don't offer cheese as a topping! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?!

@KimHo: Yeah, cheese in a burger would vary I think, though I still stand by grilled cheese made with shredded cheese (that is if it's cheddar).

Haha, and the paper I wrote was basically about Aberdeen being a replica of the malls in HK. (But back when I wrote it, Triple O's hadn't opened yet!)

@krispymilk: Really? I'm sorry to hear that! I've actually had Vera's at only the Granville prior to this one! And the few times I went were okay. But yeah!! they don't offer cheese. They have different burgers at each location, but it's really strange that you can't add something as basic as cheese!

Wow, White Spot finally closed? I'm surprised they last this long =). I don't know if Vera's will do much better at Aberdeen. Personally, I think Vera's Burgers's buns are always dried out. Vera, you gotta start griddling your buns, lol! I wonder if they will griddle it if you ask?

@Peter: yeah, I didn't really notice anyone going to Triple O's there, and suffice to say, I'm not sure if Vera's will manage. (Hopefully they will.)

Yeah, I wonder if they will grill it a bit! It tastes a lot better that way!

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