Sweet Potatoes & Cake @ Amante Bakery

Since we are fans of starch products, including potatoes, taro, yam, sweet potatoes -- basically anything chocked full of carbs -- we HAD to get the sweet potato cake from Amante Bakery.

This bakery is located inside H-Mart, though I'm not sure exactly how because I wasn't the one who bought or picked it up -- I was just in charge of eating!

This sweet potato cake (~$16?) was the larger of the two sizes available. At first, it seemed as though it was dusted in shredded coconut, but upon closer inspection, you will actually notice that the white specks are actually cake crumbs. I've never had a cake coated in cake crumbs, so this was kind of weird to me.  It was also topped with pistachios, which I thought was quite cute. The colour scheme really matched the box.

The layers inside alternated from sponge cake and sweet potato filling, which actually didn't have that much flavour. We were expecting a lot of happiness coming from the sweet potato, but in reality it was just mashed sweet potato that didn't have much flavour. Maybe they're not in season right now, I don't know. Eating the cake just felt like any plain cream cake, so it was kind of disappointing.

Amante Bakery
590 Robson St Suite 200
Vancouver, BC
(604) 609-4567
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Yikes, cake with potato filling? Doesn't sound very appetizing.

@Peter: It's sweet potato!! Not potato! haha that would be kinda weird. I guess it's kinda the same concept as chestnut cake

Had sweet potato cake at Korea when I was visiting my family. Who knew it could be so delicious? There were cute little bunnies on the top of the cake.

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