Fish & Chips & Cannelloni @ Sockeye City Grill

Our family wanted to go out for something that was NOT Chinese food because a relative from Hong Kong was visiting.  Since he was raised in the States, he really missed good Western food which is not as readily available (nor economical) in Hong Kong.  After checking Tapenade, which was full, we opted for Sockeye City Grill. 

I've actually been here only once prior to this, and it was for their summer special.  The deal last summer was really sweet: a lobster and steak for I think around $25.

The restaurant actually overlooks the Steveston Harbour.  I think this would be a pretty good place to bring your tourist friends to, since Steveston is one of the only must visit places in Richmond.  One of the frustrating things about eating here was that we had to wait forever for service.  There were clearly not enough servers, and we didn't agree with the way they handled some things.  For example, the drinks took forever to arrive, and when we wanted to order, our server decided that she wanted to open the wine first.  We were really hungry and we didn't get to order until 9pm.

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On this visit, which was actually a while ago, they didn't have the summer special yet.  I'm not sure if it's a yearly thing.  Instead, their special menu featured the then in-season spot prawns.  We didn't order anything from this menu though.  You can check out their standard menu online.

To share, we ordered the calamari ($13), which came in a spring roll cone.  I actually didn't know that it was a spring roll cone until now, when I checked their menu.  The cone was definitely unlike the crispy skin of the standard Chinese spring rolls.  It was thicker and I had thought it was a huge tortilla cone.  It was an interesting (and delicious) way to serve the calamari.  The calamari came in a huge portion and there was enough for all ten of us to have a big handful.  Compared to the calamari from Aqua Riva, these pieces were much bigger and "meatier". 

Another "to share" dish we got was the Sockeye City fish and chips platter ($49).  Sockeye City actually has a small window outside the restaurant where you can order fish and chips.  I'm not sure if it's that famous, because I notice people head to Pajo's more often than Sockeye City.  For $49, there were 2 pieces of cod, 1 piece of halibut, 1 piece of salmon, 2 oysters, 4 prawns, calamari, fries, and a variety of sauces.  I had a small bite of the cod and it was okay.  It wasn't overly oily, but it didn't really stand out to me.  We all rejoiced at the sight of more calamari.

I ordered the dungeness crab and tiger prawn cannelloni ($24) to share with someone else.  This dish consisted of three pasta sheets rolled and filled with dungeness crab, ricotta, and spinach.  I actually really liked it, but when I was eating it, I didn't really remember it was filled with crab.  It did have a very strong sweet flavour of seafood to it though.  I really like that it was filled with ricotta and spinach.  Although it looks to be a small dish, it was actually really filling.

Although I enjoyed the meal, I have to say it was quite expensive for such casual dining.  I feel as if the interior needs a renovation, and the service we got was not up to standard for a meal at this price.  I don't think I would be coming here again with my own friends because of the steep price tag for a dining experience that was not that amazing.

Sockeye City Grill
3800 Bayview St
Richmond, BC
(604) 275-6790
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No offence but it is sad that most food bloggers choose to blog mostly Chinese restaurants. Granted, there is a large Chinese population and the amount of restaurants is a reflection of that; however, at the same time, there are a lot of other restaurant types that are worth it. I guess that's why I miss I'm Only Here for the Food! and Foodosophy, as they cover other types of cuisine. Good thing Sherman does cover non-Chinese...

Actually, if you read my blog, you'll notice that only half of what I post about is Chinese food. The other half is usually about desserts or Japanese or other types. Half of the meals I blog about are meals with family, so they are often Chinese food.

Chinese food is basically the main type of food I've eaten for my entire life, and even if I did blog about other types, I honestly don't think my opinion on it would is as credible since I don't eat it as much. On the other hand, one of my intentions of writing this blog was to provide my opinion on Chinese food (hence the name).

Plus, I find it interesting how you chose to comment on a non-Chinese food post. If I kept it to just Chinese food, would you have not commented?

I was wondering why my ears were burning! :P

Anonymous, thanks for the thoughts but, keep in mind that, people blog for different reasons.

Janice, actually, I would think the opposite is also true: if you stick only with Chinese (or Asian for that matter), you narrow the type of cuisines you try. It does not really matter you are no subject-matter expert: As long as you give your honest to goodness opinion, that's what matters.

Thanks, KimHo for commenting :)

I do realize that about widening my palette, and I have to say creating the blog has really motivated me to try new things. That being sad, living in Richmond kind of limits the range of cuisine that are more readily available to me. I agree that the first step to being more knowledgeable is to try more new things, and hopefully I will gain more experience with them.

No offence, but your comment is offensive. Why bother? You're hiding behind your Anonymous name anyways.

Whine bitch moan, but blogs are first and foremost someone's own personal site, it is not your place to dictate how and what we should do with them.


Thanks, Kevin. I appreciate your comment.

I've removed the option to post anonymously now.

Wow, that's weak-sauce Mr. Anonymous.....is it really necesary to say things like that?

Janice, thanks for the post. Lived in Richmond my entire life, never tried this place, but I might now!

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